Using the Computers in KOM 161

Please be considerate of others who will also need to use these computers.

These are not your personal computers. They are configured this way for a reason.


The Imacs in KOM161 are for Class use only. You may check your email before class; however, as soon as class begins, you should log out of the computer unless your instructor has instructed you to turn it on.

To turn on the computer, touch the button on the back left hand side on the computer. Most likely you will simply have to move the mouse.


When you are finished, or before you leave the classroom, quit all programs, move anything you have downloaded to the trash, and LOG OUT. Do not just turn it off. Log out by clicking on the apple in the top left of the computer menu, holding down and going to log out student.


Unless your instructor has requested that you log on, during class time the computer should remain off or in sleep mode.

Failure to do so will result in loss of computer privileges.


If you do not understand directions, ASK to make sure you have left the computer ready for the next user.


Your log on password is student.

Safari is the default internet browser.


Please remind other students to check before they leave the classroom to make sure they have cleaned the desktop and logged out properly.

Printing is limited to projects done in the classroom. Ask permission before you print