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Practicing College Learning Strategies,5th ed

PowerPoint presentations are used to introduce many topics discussed in the learning strategies course.

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Chapter 1 Time Management


Chapter 2 Critical Thinking

Chapter 3 Goal Setting



Introduction to Goal Setting
Areas and Themes for Goals
Elements of Useful Goals and
Other Goal Setting Tips




Chapter 4 Memory Principles





Introduction to Memory Principles
Definitions with a few examples

Memory Principles


Brain Bytes

How Students Can Use


Identify Which Principle



Flashcards use all 10 Memonry Principles.


How Memory Works



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Chapters 5


Taking Notes/Question in the Margin



From short practice
classroom lectures





Chapter 6

Reading Textbooks/ Question in the Margin

Exercise 6.4


Chapter 7 Learning Styles





Chapter 8 Test Taking Strategies







Quiz format and practice writing questions using direction words




Chapter 9 Stress



Chapter 10 College Essentials




Chapter 11 Principles of Research






Selected Hopper Presentations

Butler Learning Styles