The Birthday Sheet

1. Go to the microtext area in your library.

2. Secure microtext of the New York Times for the day and year of your birth.

3. Use the Birthday Sheet on the back of this page to fill in the following information:
a. Volume number, date and price at the top of the page.
b. Headline in large letters as it appears in the paper.
c. Front page story about the headline. (Write a summary or tell about this article.)
d. Editorial page newschoose one article to write about or give a summary.
e. Write the name of the President and Vice President on the day that you
were born.
f. Famous people in the news look through the entire paper to find
names in the news. List some.
g. Department store prices are scattered throughout the paper.
Find some and give a few examples.
h. Use the newspaper index to locate the TV section. List some shows that
were playing on that day.
i. Use the index to locate the weather news. It is also given on the
front page at the top. What was the weather like the day you were born?

4. If you have difficulty in locating any of the above, talk with your instructor about substituting categories.

Name ________________________________ Price _________ Date __________ Volume number ___________

The New York Times


Summary Of Front Page Story U.S. President
Vice President

Famous People in the News Today

Department Store Prices

Summary of Editorial Page Top News

TV Shows

Weather News for Today