For 1/ 10 of your grade you need to accumulate up to 100 points by choosing from the following activities. All activities must be complete and report submitted prior to the last week of class. However, you should try to turn in at least one activity a week until you have completed your 100 points.  You will find some suggested activities below.  There will be others that you may want to engage in. Ask your instructor if an activity counts for points. Exploring college activities outside class is an important part of university life. Take advantage of them.

Each time you turn in an activity report you should do the following:

Type a one-page response summarizing each activity.

The report written in paragraph form should include at least the following:

1.Your Name

2. Date and name of the event

3. Description of Event: (Go into detail describing the event.)

For example: What you liked or disliked about the event or experience?  Did you learn anything new? Would your recommend this event to a friend? Why or not?

How does attending or participating in this event enhance or detract from your experiences at MTSU

You should staple your report to the ACTIVITIES LOG (attached on page 5) each time you turn in a new report. Be sure to keep up with your log, as it may be only place you activities are recorded. When you turn in a report, remove previously graded reports.

The points listed are the maximum point value. The assignment must be complete and well done to receive max points. Do not repeat the same event for credit. Turn in throughout the semester preferably within a week of participating in the activity.

Some Possible Activities

Other activities will be added throughout the semester or your instructor may have more specific suggestions for things to do to help you acclimate to MTSU and be successful. You may certainly make suggestions for your instructorÕs approval.

Additional ways to earn college activity points are on the next page.



Each of the following field trips is worth up to 20 points each. Follow directions for each field trip instead of writing it up like other activities.

Virtual Field Trip: Staying Safe at School


Virtual Field Trip: College Student Budget


Virtual Field Trip: Health Issues for College Students


Virtual Field Trip: What I Need To Know About Sleep


There are additional Virtual Trips Connected with chapter, if your instructor did not assign the field trip for that chapter as homework, you may use that field trip as a college activity. To be safe, ask your instructor before you do the field trip. Here is a link to Field Trips.


Video Summaries

You may earn 10 points each for watching any or all of the videos listed below. First view the video, then write a one page typed summary of the video. Be sure to include the title and number of the video and include things you learned that you might use.

How to Get the Most Out of Studying

Video 1: Beliefs That Make You Fail...Or Succeed

Video 2: What Students Should Understand About How People Learn

Video 3: Cognitive Principles for Optimizing Learning

Video 4: Putting the Principles for Optimizing Learning into Practice

Video 5: I Blew the Exam, Now What?

CareerCareer Exploration PROJECT

One additional way to earn 20 points is to complete a career interest inventory (CDI)

*All atheletes should complete this and after receiving your points, turn in your worksheets to your advisor.

Purpose: Give students the tools, resources, and knowledge to explore majors and careers early so they can a) affirm the major/career decision they have already made, b) change their major early to avoid lengthening their college career, or c) narrow down their major/career selections, all based on their interests, values, and abilities.

U1010K Exploring College Life Activities LOG

Record activities completed from the list. You should earn up to 100 points by the last day of class. This log should be attached to each assignment when it is turned in.

Student Name_______________ Class time _________ Student # _____


Date submitted

Points Earned




______Total Points Earned