Print this form. Complete it and turn it in the after Test II is returned to you.  or

  You may fill in and then print.

Unit Test II Evaluation of Test and Preparation for Test.
Name ___________________ Test Grade__________Daily Average_______

Reason I made the grade on this test. ___________________________________________________________

There were several study aids for this test. Which of the following did you use? Put a check beside each one you used.

Review Sheet: I checked off each item on the review sheet and made lists, flashcards, or summary sheets for each part.
Power Points on line: I reviewed power point presentations from class by going on line and making notes.
Flashcards: I not only made flashcards but, I actually used them.
Flashcard/concentration game on line: I logged on the memory principle flash cards on line in order to review.
____  Interactive flashcards.I practiced the interactive flashcards on line.
____ Matching game. I practice the terms on the matching game.
Learning Principles Quiz: I took the memory quiz on line. I made note of those I missed or retook it until I made 100.
Learning Principle Page on line. I checked the definitions and student explanations for each principle and made notes.
Challenge Board (jeopardy game):I practiced the challenge board _____(how many) times.
Paragraph practice: I practiced writing the paragraph discussing what principles I used to study.
Flow Chart: (actual page from test) I used blank copies of the flow chart to make sure I could fill in the blanks.
Mnemonics: I practiced developing mnemonics.
Homework: Homework assignments were turned in on time. I am remembering to fill in the summary as I read and studied the summaries carefully.
Class Attendance: I not only attended class every class, I took notes and asked questions.

Are you satisfied with the grade you made?Why?

Which of the above study aids was most useful?

So far what has been the most useful thing you have learned in the course?

Is your master schedule working? Explain

Are there things that the instructor could do or not do that would help you be more successful? Explain.

Are there things that  you can do or not do that would help you be more sucessful?
Study the learning outcomes for this unit and put a check beside those you have accomplished.
  Students can name and explain ten learning principles.
  Students can analyze examples of students using memory principles and differentiate which Learning principles are being used.
  Students can analyze a learning situation and determine several strategies that would help them learn that information or concept.
  Students can construct mnemonic devices.
  Students can reproduce the flow chart for how memory works
  Students can identify the function of parts of the neuron: dendrite, axon, synapse, neurotransmitter, and nucleus
  Students discriminate levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy when applying the Learning Principles
  Students can explain which learning principles they used to study for a test.



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