Virtual Field Trip


Let's Go Explore More About Bloom's Taxonomy

The sites below will send to from Victoria to Valdosta, from Washington to Wisconsin and many places in between. This journey takes you to at least two places of your choice. You will probably want to look at all the sites before you decide which two to study and print.


Teacher's Tap

Bloom et al.'s Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain

Action Verbs associated with levels of Bloom

Major Categories in the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives

A good visual



Itinerary The purpose of your trips is to find different ways of looking at Bloom's taxonomy. Brain research has found that the more ways we examine things, the more connections or neural traces the brain makes, the easier it is to remember and understand something.

camera.gifPhoto Opportunity
There is no written assignment on this part of the asignment, but this trip requires that you take photographs--that is,
Print a copy of two sites that help you understand Bloom's concepts better.

youtube.jpg Now go to YouTube

Type in Bloom's Taxonomy as your search. Choose one video about Bloom's taxonomy and summarize it below.