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DSPS 080 0Course Evaluation

Print and Bring to Final Exam

Directions: Please answer each question honestly. Be very specific.

On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being extremely valuable and 1 being not valuable at all, how would you rate the value of this course for you. _________


What skills did you learn in this course that you will be able to use in other courses in college?

What skills did you learn in this course that use will be able to use on the job either now or after college?

What was the most useful part of the course?

What part was least useful to you?

What topics that should have been discussed that were not?

Do you feel that the course is valuable enough to be required of all freshmen?

Why or why not?



How would you describe the instructor's:

style of teaching

attitude toward students

Most helpful teaching technique used

Least helpful teaching technique used

Grading system for both homework and tests

Write any final comments about the course and instructor.