Essential E-mail Etiquette 

For all emails pertaining to classes

     Use your MTSU account.  No matter what browser you use, you can access your MTSU account through WebMail or the Pipeline. (Both are clickable here or from MTSU home page or The Study Skills Help Page.).When you long on to Pipleline email click the HElP button to see your options and understand the difference in using Pipline email and the one you are use to using. Among other things,there is an option to create an account that will combine your email services.** If your course uses Web CT for an online class, all email pertaining to that class should go through Web CT, not regular email.

     Don't write anything you wouldn't say in public. Anyone can easily forward your message, even when done accidentally. This could leave you in an embarrassing position if you divulge personal or confidential information. If you don't want to potentially share something you write, consider using the telephone.

     Use Subject Line to summarize the text of your message. With so much spam (junk email), your message will likely be deleted without being read if you don't put a subject,

    Use a Spell checker before you send. This is an option on both WebMail and Pipeline. Email, like conversation, tends to be sloppier than communication on paper. That's OK, but even with email you don't want to appear excessively careless. Read the email before you send it.

    Keep your message short and focused

    Include your name at the bottom of the message.The message contains your e-mail address (in the header), but the many times the header on MTSU's system, puts only the user name and the recipient will not know who the message is from unless you "sign" your email. If you are sending it to your instructor, it's a good idea to identify the class you are in. (Use the HELP section to create a signature block if you wish, but here I simply mean include your name.)

    Don't Use Upper Case. This is viewed as SHOUTING.

    Check your Email at least once a day. Answer pertinent emails as soon as possible.

    Delete Spam.  Even with filters, you will get an excessive amount of junk email. You don't have to open or read it. You can check messages you want to delete and delete without reading.

    Don't over use Reply to All.  Use reply to all if you really need your message to be seen by each person who received the message.

    Don't forward chain letters, jokes, etc.