Virtual Field Trip to Expand What You Know About Essay Tests

Today let's visit several other college campuses to get some tips about writing answers to essay questions.

Test Taking

St John's University

Millsaps College

The Writing Center University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of Washington Writing Center

Study Guides and Strategies

 Pack your bags for visiting at least three places. 


We have already discussed tips for writing anwers to essays. You are seeking additional information that might be helpful?

In your travel journal, make a list of information you found that you think your classmates should also know. Be sure to include the URL for the source of your information. In your Travel Journal record the following information:

I found a site that supports what was discussed in our text.

__________________________________(URL)(Stamp your Passport) 

__________________________________ Description and Title of site

These are a few of the things that I found that were similar:

This site added to what I already knew about writing answers to essay question.

__________________________________(URL)(Stamp your Passport) 

__________________________________ Description and title of site

Here are some new things I learned that I might try.

Here is an additional site about essay tests.

__________________________________(URL)(Stamp your Passport) 

__________________________________ Description and title of site

I found the following ideas helpful.
  Choose the site that you found most useful and write a short advertisement for it convincing your fellow students it would be worth their time to visit the site.