Final Exam Review

The final exam will count the same as two unit tests and will be given in the classroom on the day exams are scheduled for your class. If for some reason you miss your exam, call or email your instructor immediately or leave a message in the University Studies Office--898-2568 and my voice mail 898-2157.

How grade for the course is determined.

Take Home Questions

 Word Download for Take Home

Read these directions carefully!

The questions LINKED here are the take home portion of your final exam for U1010K. The answers account for 20 points of your final exam grade. This portion of the exam is due at the beginning of our last regularly scheduled class period. You may use any sources you think necessary to answer the questions fully; however; the work must be your own. Your answers should be typed. You may download this as a Word document so you can type your answers. If you retype it instead of downloading, be sure to include the questions as well as the answers.

Link to other options for Take Home

Multiple choice

6 multiple choice questions taken from information used in the five unit tests.

_____check here when you have made up 10 mc questions from your old tests

True/falseLink to Practice Quizzes

13 true/false questions taken from information used in the five unit tests.(Heavy emphasis on test taking strategies)

_____check here when you have made up 20 true and false  questions from your old test.


driverBeing a sucessful student is like driving.

Using the phrase, "Being a succesful student is like driving " as your analogy, give three specific pieces of advice to a new college student.


Library Resources

List and explain the steps in the systematic approach to research. (See page 258 -261 of your textbook)

Question-in-the-Margin Lectures

You will take question in the margin notes and then be asked to list and explain the remaining steps of this system for taking notes.

_____check here when you take practice notes from a passage in one of your textbooks
_____check here when you list and explain the steps of the label in the margin system for notes on an index card.

Question-in-the-Margin Textbooks

You will be give a page from a textbook and asked to label and underline as you should the question in the margin system.

____check here when you practice label in the margin on a passage from one of your  textbooks.


Fifteen matching questions of general terms learned throughout the semester

_____check here when you have listed 25 terms and their definitions from your old tests.

Learning Principles

You will need to know the ten learning principles.You will be asked to name the principle, define it and give an example of how to put it to use.

Here is a review exercise for you.

_____check here when you have flashcards that define each memory principle and describe how you will you use them in your classes.

Bloom's Taxonomy


You will be asked to read a passage from a text and predict possible questions that represent various levels of learning as discussed in Bloom's taxonomy.

____check here when you have a flash card explaining each for the levels of learning and include an example of a test question from an old test that requires that level.

Exam Review   Who Wants to Pass the Final Exam

Some Student Created Activities to help you study for the exam.

Thanks 8 o'clock class!



Practice Matching Game

Another Practice Matching Game

Question in the Margin  Hangman Game

Power Point Strategies

Spatial Responce

Power Point 7 Strategies