Practice with--Direction Words for essay tests It is important that you know what the direction word for an essay question is asking you to do. To demonstrate that you understand the following directions words, write a good topic sentence for the questions below. Be sure that your topic sentence includes the major points for you answer.


1. Illustrate some time management strategies you have used this semester..


2. Contrast people who are predominately left brained with those whose predominate hemisphere is right.


3. Evaluate the Label-in-the-margin system as a learning tool.


4. Some students are not required to take study skills. Justify the study skills requirement for those who are required to take it.


5. Relate the information you learned in this study skills course to other courses you are taking.


6. Summarize the steps in the label-in-the-margin system.


7. Trace information as it is received into short term memory to where it is placed in active memory.


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