1st day Analysis-- Learning Strategies  U1010 K





Phone number


MTSU email



List an adjective that describes how you feel about this course.


List three things about you that will make you successful in this course.







After listening to the course overview, what do you think will be most beneficial to you?





Students in the past have found that the following positive steps help students be successful. Which of these are you willing to fully commit to for the entire class?

Put an X by each statement you are willing to do. Do not check any that you are not willing to do



Attend class every day.


Be on time every day.


Study the syllabus and complete all homework assignments on time


Ask questions when I donŐt understand.


Listen attentively and take notes.


Use the Skills Help Page for review and practice


Find a study partner in the class


Study for tests.


Be satisfied only with my very best efforts.


If you cannot fully commit to any of the statements above, how would you modify it so that you are able to do it?



*What, if anything, may keep you from being successful in this class?



What plan do you have to overcome what you listed above*.