Hemispheric Dominance


Check the answers that most closely describe your preferences. Press the "Score" button at the bottom to see your results.

1. Are you usually running late for class or other appointments?

2. When taking a test do you prefer that questions be
Objective (true false multiple choice, matching)
Subjective (discussion or essay questions)

3. When making decisions
You go with your gut feeling—what I feel is right?
You carefully weigh each option

4. When relating an event to a friend
  You go straight to the main point and then fill in details
  You tell many details before telling the conclusion

5. Do you have a place for everything and everything in a place?

6. When faced with a major change in life, you are

7. Your work style is like this
  You concentrate on one task at a time until it is complete.
  You usually juggle several things at once.

 8. Can you tell approximately how much time has passed without a watch?

9. Which is easier for you to understand?

10. It is easier for you to remember people’s names or to remember people’s faces

11. When learning a new piece of equipment
  You jump in and wing it. (Manual is last resort)
  Carefully read instruction manual before beginning.

12. When someone is speaking, do you respond to
  What is being said (words)
  How it is being said (tone, tempo, volume emotion)

13. When speaking, do you use few or many gestures? (Do you use your hands when you talk?)
  Few (very seldom use hands when you talk)
  Many (couldn’t talk with hands tied)

14. What is your desk, work area, or laundry area like?
Neat and organized
  Cluttered with stuff I might need

15. When asked your opinion, You
  Immediately say what’s on your mind (often foot in mouth)
  Think before you speak

16. Do you do your best thinking sitting at your desk or walking around or lying down?
Walking around or lying down

17. When reading a magazine do you
Jump in wherever looks most interesting
Start at page one and read in sequential order

18. When you’re shopping and see something you want to buy
You save up until you have the money.
You charge it

19. If you were hanging a picture on a wall. Would you
Carefully measure to be sure it is centered and straight.
Put it where it looks right and move it if necessary.


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