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When it comes to how the brain actually functions, hemispheric dominance has long been considered a brain myth. However, the characteristics normally used to describe left or right brain preferences still serve as an extremely useful model for ways to process new information. No one else processes information in exactly the same way you do. But if you discover how you process information best, you can learn things more efficiently and in less time. And you can expand the strategies /you use for learning and studying. When learning something new or difficult, you naturally tend to use the learning style you prefer. It is good to know what this learning style is so that you can respond most effectively to the material being presented. Even when the material is not presented in the way you prefer, you can use your knowledge of learning styles to adjust and be flexible, no matter who your instructor is or what the topic might be.

This web-site contains information on how Hemispheric Dominance (Left of Right Brain Dominance) influences learning styles. If you are doing this exercise as part of a class assignments, you may print the result of the inventory and any other information that you need. If your are using an "older" web browser, "click" on the frame that contains the information that you want to print, then select "PRINT FRAME" from the FILE menu. Newer versions of web browsers usually do not require any special action before printing.

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