Dr. Carolyn Hopper, Professor of English

Box 171, Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
Office: Peck Hall 241
Office Phone: (615) 898-2157
E-mail: chopper@mtsu.edu|
Website: www.mtsu.edu/~studskl 

Developmental Education Specialist - Appalachian State
D.A. in English, MTSU, 1985
M.A. in English, MTSU, 1980
B.A. in English, Lambuth University, 1967

Taught English from the junior high level through college level
Developed the learning strategies curriculum for developmental studies at MTSU
Date of employment with MTSU : August 1986

A few achievements or accomplishments:
MTSU Award for Outstanding Instructional Technology 1999
Carnige Foundation Tennessee Professor or the Year 1997
MTSU Outstanding Teacher for 1996
Tennessee Association of Developmental Education Teacher of the Year for 1989
Author of several textbooks

Some interesting or time consuming projects:
Past-President of TNADE
University Committees including Faculty Senate, SACS steering committee, NCAA certification committee, planning committee for new library, and Presidents commission on Women
. Appears in Who's Who in America, Who's Who in American Education, Who's Who in American Women, and Current Biography. Conducts workshops on topics such as Learning Styles, ADD, Study Skills, Memory, and Time Management at local, regional, national levels,and international level.

Describe your teaching style: I am first of all enthusiastic about learning how to learn. I get excited about learning and hopefully my students catch the spirit. My classes are a combination of lecture supported by many visuals and hands-on activities. Skills for being successful in college are learned by doing. So, once students understand a concept, my aim for them is to develop the skills by practice and make modification to the skills that will work for them. A student in my class can expect homework due every class period. My style may seem casual and somewhat "laid back," but each class is carefully planned with goals and objectives in mind. I am extremely demanding, but would like to think that I am patient. I try to make sure that everything we do in class is backed up on the web site.

What do you like most about teaching? Without a doubt, what I like most about teaching is the students that I teach. I am enriched by knowing them and what they are willing to share with me. Second to the contact with students, is the fact that I have information that can empower them. In a study skills class, I can show students strategies for learning and remembering information that may give them the edge they need to be successful.
Least? Probably what I like least about teaching is to see students with potential squander the opportunities they have. Equally frustrating is not having enough time to get everything done in a semester's time.

What do you expect from your students? First of all, I expect students to keep up with the work that is assigned so that in the classroom we can address learning, not housekeeping chores. I expect students to attend every class, to come prepared, to be alert and attentive and participate in class. If they must miss a class, I expect students to be responsible for what they missed. I expect students to show an interest in how they can use the study skills presented and practice in class and to ask questions when they don't fully understand. I expect students to be on time for class, to take notes in class, and to put forth their best effort on every assignment and test.
What should they expect from you? Students can expect me to give an assignment for every class period. Study skills are learned by doing, not by talking about them. They can expect very thorough unit tests and a comprehensive final. They can expect a review sheet for unit tests and finals. Just as I expect students to be prepared, students can expect me to be prepared every day. They can expect homework assignments and tests to be returned promptly. They can expect me to be willing to take time with them individually should they need help. They can expect from me the respect they deserve for effort put forth.

Areas of interest outside the classroom:
I have three grandchildren with whom I enjoy spending time.
I enjoy reading, playing cards, and watching sports of all kinds.
I find traveling fascinating and travel as often as I possibly can.
I am active in my church and sing in the choir and play handbells.

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