You Don't Have to Play Football to Score a Touchdown

As students prepare to enter high school often it is the extracurricular activities they look forward. They sometimes dream of scoring the winning touchdown, making a game winning free throw or cheering the team to victory. Of course, everyone can't be a star athlete, but everyone can be a star. You don't have to play football to score--to reach your goals. Getting involved in school activities is an essential part of the game. It seems that the more pride you have in your school, the more pride you take in things involving your school, including academics. You don't have to be the quarterback on the football team to be successful; but like the quarterback, you need to strive to reach your goal line. A quarterback knows what his goal looks like; he learns the plays necessary to get there and practices with discipline so that he can do his best in the game. You also need to set some goals, learn the plays and practice with the same zest of a state championship team quarterback. This section of the webpage is designed to give you the plays necessary to be a successful student. Being an A student doesn't mean you have to study all the time, but just as being a star athlete requires discipline to demonstrate the skills he knows, so does being a star student. The plays require practice.

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