Internet Assignment #1

I. To prepare for this assignment, before you send your emaildo the following:

a. log on to the study skills help page. Explore the page by clicking on various elements. Get familiar with parts that might be useful to you in the or other courses. Look back over your syllabus Scavenger Hunt.

b.Study the EXPLORING COLLEGE ACTIVITIES List. Determine which ones you might do. Make sure you understand that these activities are do out of class. You need to earn 100 points.

c.Click here and Read Essential Email Etiquette 

  Now you are ready to for the 3 part assignment.
E mail YOUR instructor: Important: You must use your MTSU account to send the e mail. Part of the assignment is to make sure that you can send and recieve mail on this account.

The instructors for Fall 2015 and their emails are listed below.(They are not clickable here. You will have to either copy and paste address or type it. Be careful, if it is not exact, you email won't get there.) If your instructor is using  D2L for your class,she may request that you email using your D2L email.

The instructions below this list tell you what your email should contain.

L Gray
J Gray


to: your instructor
subject: Internet assignment 1 ( With all the spam everyone gets, it is important to always include a subject)
Please also include you class time or section #.

Be sure to include your whole name at the end of you message

Make sure your email includes all of the following:  There are 3 parts to the assignment.

1. Write a letter of introduction to your instructor--Who are you? What do you like to do? Why are you here?  What do you look like? Help me picture who you are so I can put a face with a name as I am reading your letter.  What's the most important or unique thing you've ever done? Any important information I should know about you?  Be sure you mention you name in the letter and sign it--put who it is from.(All e-mails should be signed--always)

2. Tell your instructor three or four things you found interesting on the Study Skills Help Page. (note: this says Help page --not just syllabus)  and which activities you might choose to do on the College Actitivies List .

3. Ask at least one question.

Your instructor will reply to you within the next day or so after you send your message--probably the same day to answer your question and tell you what score to record on your assignment log.

Check your messages and let me know that you received my reply.

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