LASSI--A Brief Summary

Directions: Write your score on each of the ten categories in the space below the category. (Use a percentage score not the raw score.)

Attitude What is your interest and attitude toward college? How clear are your educational goals? Is college important to you? Are you willing to give up what ever it takes in order to be successful in college?

_______ percentage score

Work on: goal setting. Try to consider how a college degree fits into your future

Motivation Do you accept responsibility for your study/performance? Do you complete daily assignments? Do you keep up to date with reading assignments? Do you lose interest easily? Is doing your best important to you?

_______ percentage score

 Work on:  goal setting for individual tasks/assignments, accepting responsibility. Make sure you use an assignment sheet to keep up with you assignments.

Time Management Do you use time management principles for academic tasks/assignments? Are you well organized?, Do you know the best times of the day for you? Do you have a specific time and place to study each subject? Do you have a master schedule?

 ________ percentage score

Work on: learning the principles of good scheduling, how to create and use schedules, how to deal with distractions, how to complete goals, and avoid procrastination.


Anxiety Are you tense, anxious when approaching an academic task, or negative about your abilities?

_______ percentage score

Work on: techniques for coping with anxiety. Reduce worry by learning to focus on the task, not anxiety. Build you study skills.

Concentration Do you have the ability to pay attention to academic tasks? (studying and listening)

_______ percentage score

Work on: techniques to improve concentration; establish priorities

Information  Processing    Do you use elaboration and organizational strategies including the use of prior knowledge, reasoning skills to give  meaning to new information? Do you know how to organize knowledge to help understanding and recall?

_______ perecentage score

Work on: paraphrasing--summarizing--creating analogies--dividing information into elemental parts or principles-
Learn the Cornell and label-in-the-margin systems.

Selecting  Main Ideas     Can you select key points in lectures and textbooks?

_______ percentage score

Work on: how to identify important information and focus attention on appropriate materials and study aids

Study Aids     Do you know how to use study aids? Can you identify and use special types, headings, summaries, markings, practice exercises?

_______ percentage score

Work on: learning more about study aids; learn to create your own study aids such as flashcards, summary sheets, or concept maps.

Self-Testing Do you know how to review and test your own knowledge?
Do you know how to form potential questions while reading? Do you know when additional study must be done?

_______  percentage score

Work on: self testing, methods to review academic material and monitor own comprehension, systematic approach to studying such as the Cornell or label-in-the-margin systems

Test Strategies  Do you know the types of performances required for different types of tests? Do you know and use methods of studying and learning material that aids you in remembering?

_______  percentage scores

Work on: characteristics of different types of tests and test items; how to reason through to the answer


List your strengths (those categories above 75%).

List those strategies that still need work (between 50% and 75%).

List your weaknesses (those categories that are below 50%).