Review Sheet for Test IV Library  Resources

Birthday Sheet

Not on Unit Test for On-line Class.

Attach your birthday sheet to the test for 10 points on the test. This is a requirement, not a bonus. All blanksmust be filled in . If you had trouble finding the president or vice president, consult another source.

True/ False

Multiple Choice

There are 14 true/false or multiple choice questions. Study your summary and assignments. Here is a link to some practice questions.

Finding Resources

As you come in the testing room, you will draw a topic from the "hat". Using that subject you will be asked to find a book, a periodical article, a newspaper article, and an internet article. You will use the computers in the classroom so that you will need to know how to access whatever you need from there. On the next page is a copy of the test page so that you can practice. See link to sheet with WHAT TO LOOK FOR.

Steps for Systematic Research

You will be asked to recall some details about the steps for a systematic approach to research. (see pages 260-263  or 2nd set of questions on the summary)

Practice exercise


Not on Unit Test for On-line Class

You will be given a map of the library and asked to identify places such as the circulation desk, reserves, stacks, microtext area, copy areas, study areas, periodicals, reference area.

Library Test Evaluation