Virtual Field Trip Let's Go Improve Your Listening Page 119

Pack Your Bags. Let's go searching for better listening skills.

The Best Listening Skills

Improving Listening Skills

Classroom Listening Skills

St John's University Listening and taking notes

How to Improve Your Listening Skills in College Paul McDonald

If you're feeling more adventurous, you can log on to google  and enter "listening skills" as your search.  Your itinerary will be the same.

 Your itinerary calls for you to make stops  on at least two of the sites above. You are looking for the best tips to improve your listening.

 While visiting each site, first, remember to get your Passport stamped at each place.(Record the URL for each site visited.)

URL and title for site 1 http://www.

URL and title for site 2 http://www.

URL and title for site 3 http://www.

Second, look for listening tips that will work for you.
In your travel journal make a list of ten listening tips to share with a friend when you return from your trip.  Be sure to note where you were when you found each tip.


  Tip 1 (source)______________________

Tip 2(source) _______________________

Tip 3 (source)______________________

Tip 4(source) _______________________

Tip 5 (source)______________________

Tip6(source) _______________________

Tip 7 (source)______________________

Tip 8(source) _______________________

Tip 9 (source)______________________

Tip 10source) _______________________