Check your Exercise 6.8 that you did for homework. Below are some students' explanation of how the memory principles are used in the Question in the margin system. You may want to use this as a guide for Part IX  of Test 3.
Learning Principle
Question -in-the Margin
Interest Taking notes get me interested in lecture.

Surveying text builds interest before I read

Reflecting and making information personal gets me interested.

Intent to Remember Knowing that I will have to label and recite information I hear or read triggers intent to remember.
Basic Background The more I know about what is being lectured on, the easier it is for me to understand. 

When I process information as I get it daily instead of waiting right before the test, I build basic background. The Surveying step builds basic background.

Recitation Recitation is an integral part of LMS. When I can recite the answers to the questions in the margins in my own words, I know that I understand.
Visualization Sometimes when I recite and especially when I reflect, I use visualization. I need to SEE what I am reading and reciting in order to understand and remember it.

When I map a section for summary, I visualize. 

Association To complete the reflect step of LMS from lecture and textbook reading I must associate new information I am learning with things that I already know.
Meaningful Organization When I set up my paper for notes and then label them, I am organizing them in a way that makes it meaningful to me. 

I use meaningful organization to map and make charts for summary sheets and when I make flash cards.

Selectivity Choosing what's important to write down in notes and determining what question to write in the margin is part of selectivity. Summarizing particularly involves Selectivity.
Distributed Practice By reading texts in short sessions and labeling as I read, by reciting as I am exposed to new material, by using the system everyday instead of just before a test I use distributed practice
Consolidation Every step of the label in the margin system allows new information to soak in or consolidate. The more steps I use, the more information becomes solid.