Virtual Field Trip


Let's Go Determine YOUR Locus of Control

Now that you understand what locus of control is. Let's arrange a visit to a site that will help analyze your locus of control. Choose one of the sites below. Each site gives you the opportunity to take an online inventory.  The inventory will be scored on line.





The purpose of your trip is confirm what you suspect is your locus of control and find out more. Visit one site. Take the test. Wait for results.
You can print the results; however, you will need to explain your results in a paragraph. (See travel journal assignment.)


writing_851.gifTravel Journal Assignment

Identify which inventory you chose by giving the title and URL.

Write a short paragraph explaining what you found. You might discuss some of the following: Summarize your results. Did the results confirm what you suspected or were you surprised? Why do you think your locus of control is that way? Do the results require you to take action? What is your action plan?