Virutal Field Trip to Improve your Math Skills

Your problem with math may not be math related at all. It may be your study skills. Take the following inventory to make sure you are doing what you need to be doing to study your math. Math Study Skills Inventory

My colleagues and I have found this following web sites helpful. Explore each site to make sure you're not overlooking help that is readily available. If you are having problems in math, pack you bags and visit some of the sites below.

1. Purplemath: Your Algebra Resource. Elizabeth Stapel has help for you. Wow what a resource!

2. WebMath: Instant Solutions to Your Math Problems This site will work the problems you enter into the computer.

3.  Professor Freedman's Math Help Freedman has lots of tips for math remembering, math learning styles, and math anxiety.

4. The Math Forum?Ask Dr. Math Answers to many math questions are on this site. You can also send in a question to be answered.

5. Math Central? Quandries and Queries At this site you can submit questions about math and they will be answered.

6. Mathematical Archives? Lessons and Tutorials

7. Mrs. Glosserís Math Goodies; interactive math lessons with a problem-solving approach

8. Statistics Every Writer Should Know Robert Niles

9. Math Forum Internet  Mathmatics Library\

10. Cool

11.Who's Hosting This

12. Guide to Money (Thanks Ms Harris' students)