Math Study Skills: Diagnostic Inventory

Rate your achievement of the following statements by rating yourself 3 for almost always, 2 for sometimes, 1 for almost never, 0 if you have never even thought about doing what the statement says.

Selecting a Math Class

  1. I schedule my math class at a time when I am mentally sharp.
  2. When I register for a math class, I choose the best instructor for me.
  3. If I have a choice, I select a math class that meets three or four days a week instead of one or two.
  4. I schedule my next math class as soon as possible after I have completed the current course.
  5. I am sure that I have signed up for the correct level math course.
    During Math Class
  6. I come to class on time and even try to be early.
  7. I sit as close to front and center or the room as possible.
  8. Before class starts I review my notes
  9. I never miss class.
  10. If I must miss class, I get clear accurate notes and homework assignment and try to work assignment before the next class.
  11. I make a conscious effort to focus each class period.
  12. My goal for each class is to learn as much as possible.
  13. I try to find a way connect new concepts to what I already know.
  14. I take good notes in class.
  15. I have a method for taking good notes.
  16. I ask questions when I don't understand.
  17. If I get lost, I identify where I got lost.
  18. I attend additional classes if I need to go through it again.
    Time and Place for Studying Math
  19. I study math every day.
  20. I try to do my math homework immediately after math class.
  21. I have a specific time to study math.
  22. I have a specific place with few distractions to study math.
  23. I do my math homework in the lab where I can get help.
  24. I am careful to keep up to date with my math homework.
  25. I study math at least eight to ten hours a week.
  26. I study in short sessions 45-65 minutes.
    Study Strategies for Math Class
  27. I read my math textbook before I come to class.
  28. If I have trouble understanding the textbook, I find an alternative text.
  29. I take notes in math class.
  30. I am careful to copy all the steps of math problems in my notes.
  31. I ask questions when I am confused.
  32. I go to the instructor or lab when I am confused.
  33. I try to determine exactly when I got confused and exactly what confused me.
  34. I review my notes and text before beginning homework.
  35. I work problems until I understand them, not just until I get the right answer for homework.
  36. I use flash cards for formulas and vocabulary.
  37. I develop memory techniques to remember math concepts.
    Math Tests
  38. I preview the test before I begin.
  39. Before I begin taking the test, I make notes on the test of things such as formulas that I might need or forget.
  40. I begin with the easy questions first.
  41. I take the full amount of time allotted for the test.
  42. I carefully check or rework as many problems as possible before I turn in my test.
  43. When tests are returned, I keep a log of the types of mistakes I made—concept errors, application errors, careless errors.
  44. I keep up to date so that I don’t have to cram the night before a test.
  45. I believe that I can succeed in math class.
  46. I have study partners in my math class.
  47. I find out as much as possible about each test.
  48. I take practice tests.
  49. I know several good relaxation and breathing techniques.
  50. I am comfortable asking for help.
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