Virtual Field Trip to Discover Your Multiple Intelligence  (Page 169)


Take the learning styles inventory on one of the Sites below to confirm you strongest intelligence. Some of these inventories are on-line interactive. Others are paper and pencil. As you take the inventory, try to identify the intelligence being measured. Record you results in the back of your passport. Use the form below


_____Linguistic _____Logical-mathematical
_____Spatial _____Bodily-kinesthetic
_____Musical _____Interpersonal
_____Intrapersonal _____Naturalist

Next on your itinerary is to explore some of the following sites below to find out more about your strongest intelligence and to learn strategies that may work for you.

Walter McKenzie's Multiple Intelligence Pages
Walter Mckenzie has gathered great information about Multiple Intelligence on this site. You will want to check out each of the links under Intelligences. Note McKenzie includes a ninth intelligence.

Thirteen ed on line a Disney Learning Partnership present a whole workshop on Multiple Intelligence. Don't miss the interactive inventory snowflake--at the bottom of the page

Education World has an interesting curriculumn article as well as some additional links.

Annette Lamb's website Technology and Multiple Intelligence looks at each intelligence and how it relates to technology as well as giving some teriffic links. I think this site is a must.

Thomas Armstrong's Multiple Intelligence Sight

Which of these sites was the most useful in helping you understand Multiple Intelligence? Explain specifically what in the site helped you and why?










Using the information about multiple intelligence found on these sites and from class discussions your journal entry  is to make a list of at least 8 different study strategies that might work for you.