Notes That Save Time

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It is impossible to write down everything that a lecturer says. You can, however, write down the important points telegraphically. Because time in class in limited, write only what you need in order to remember what was said. Don't use complete sentences and use abbreviations and shortened forms of words. As soon as possible after class, you can add more, number, underline and make them more complete. Another time saver is using the margin to label your notes with what you think will be a test question from each section of notes. If you can identify the importance of each section of your notes, you are well on your way to learning the material, you also have test questions to study.

Set your notes up like this:

date, subject, page # at top


Notes here



questions here





It will be helpful to draw a line about2 1/2 inches from edge of margin to separate notes from questions. When you review. Cover you notes, and ask yourself the questions.


For more tips and practice using these tips , you may want to purchase Practicing College Learning Strategies, 3rd ed. by Carolyn Hopper published by Houghton Mifflin, 2003

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