Virtual Field Trip

Let's Find Tips for Being Successful Online

This may be you first time to take an online class.When we take a trip somewhere, we often try to find it useful to ask someone who has been there what to see and do and what not to do. The same is true for taking an online course. Others have taken this journey before you and have advice for you.



Choose at least four of the sites below and look for similarities in advice given. Note these in your travel journal ( a piece of paper is fine). Next examine the tips and choose several that you think will be useful for you. Post these findings on the discussion board for your online class. Be sure to include URL for the site or sites you discuss.


Tips for Taking Online Courses/Texas A&M

Survival Tips for Online Courses/MTSULearning Strategies Course

What Makes a Successful Online Student/ University of Illinois

Tips for Taking Online Courses




Post on Discussion Board

Tips that appear on most of these site.





Tips that I really need to try.