Activate Your


Computer Account

Read all of these instructions before you do anything.

  • 1. Go to a Web browser and type in ( or click on URL )
  • 2. Enter your student ID number and date of birth
  • 3. Read and accept/deny the Computer and Network Acceptable Use Policy
  • 4. Wait for login to appear and instructions on setting your password

  • 5. Enter your password twice for verification purposes.



    It will take a few minutes to process your account.
    If you need account activation assistance, please go to the help desk located in the basement of the Cope Administration Building.

    Note: write down your username and password in a secure place.
    You will use this user name and password to email.
    Your are now ready to log on to webmail and email
    On campus, you may also get to your account with the same username and password by using FRANK or MULBERRY.
    Your e-mail address is: your