Virtual Field Trip


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Most of us are already experts at procrastination. Let's go on a Virtual Field Trip to find out what we might do about it. Below are links to sights from several colleges and universities you might visit on your virtual Field Trip.


Overcoming Procrastination University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Cal Poly Student Academic Services


University of Buffalo

Overcoming Procrastination




Use one or more of the sites above to answer the following questions:

1.   What is procrastination?

Site consulted

2.   What are some causes of procrastination?

Site consulted

3.   What are some solutions that might work for you?

Site consulted

Now visit the Procrastination Research Group at Carlton University in Canada

and do one of the following exercises:

a. Read and summarize what you found in one of the Delay Blogs.

b. Listen to and summarize one of the iProcrastinate Podcasts 

c. Choose two of you favorite comics from Carpe Diem Comic. Copy them and explain why you like them