Unit V Test Review

Test Taking and Stress



Name one thing in your life that you think may interfere with your academic success and describe in detail two plans of action you will use to keep interference with your success to a minimum.         (9 points)

(A plan of action, like a goal, must be SPECIFIC and preferably measurable."I'll just not let it bother me ," is NOT a plan of action!)


Multiple Choice

Questions covering strategies in textbook exercises and discussion in class.

Practice quizzes for each chapter.

Link to Student generated  t/t test by Spring 08 students

  Answers to above.

Link to Student Generated mc test by Spring 08 students

Link to Student generated practice test

Link to new student generated test.

Hint: To make sure you understand the strategies, practice rewriting the false questions to make them true.


You will be given a list of qualifiers and asked to determine if they are general or absolute qualifiers.

Play game: identify word as GENERAL or ABSOLUTE

Choose Fruit Machine or Typewriter



In several short sentences, discuss the following statement: An essay answer is a sandwich, not a pot of soup. (5 points)

Direction Words for Essay Answers

 I will list the direction words and then give you a description for information an instructor wants students to convey. You will determine which direction word should be used to ask the question.

Practice test for this section.

Flashcards for directions words


Example.Your English professor wants you to tell the differences and similarities between two poems you have read.What direction word would he use?

Essay Question

 Summarize how to write an effective answer to an essay question.  ( 20 points)

Be sure to include the guidelines listed in the Checklist for Discussion Questions. page 9 of Textbook. 

Your essay will be graded as follows. 

Grade Sheet for Essay

8 points
One point for each item that is actually on the ”Checklist for Essay Test” that you use as a major point in your answer. (up to 8 points)Checklist for Essay Questions
2 points

If from reading the first sentence of you answer, the reader knows both what the question was and how you will develop your answer.


2 points

for having major points stand out and using transitions


2 points

for major points being supported with examples, reason, and facts


1 point

for having a concluding statement


2 points

if someone who had not taken this class could use this as a guide for writing an effective essay


3 points