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Scavenger Hunt for The Study Skills Help Page  hghfive2


The following is a scavenger hunt through The Skills Help Page, the home page for your learning strategies course. This activity should give you practice navigating the help page and help you discover useful resources to supplement your classroom experiences. If you do not have a computer at home, here are a few places you have access to free computer use and printing.


University Computer Lab, College of Business-Business and Aerospace Bldg., S137. This lab is open 24/7

University Computer Lab, Computer Science Department Kirksey Old Main, KOM 350/351/360

University Computer Lab, Instructional Technology Support Center (ITSC) McWherter Learning Resources Center, James Walker Library, Residents of Corlew, Lyon, Smith, Womack Lane, and WoodFelder residence halls have access to computer labs in their building


Instructions for each item are on this scavenger map. Your answers and findings should be recorded on the worksheet described as item #1.


Item #1

On the bottom right corner of The Study Skills Help Page you will find the this icon

scavbulletClick on the treasure chest download the pdf file and print it. This is your answer sheet. When you have printed the worksheet, in blank #1 write where you printed it.

(This item involves downloading and printing a file, Ask someone in the lab to help you if you have trouble. This is something you will need to do in this and other classes)


Item #2           

Find the syllabus for your class. Find the scavenger hunt treasure chest in block for the third class meeting.  Click on the treasure chest and follow directions.


Item #3           

Virtual Field Trips for each unit are linked from the syllabus assignments.  However, you can get to the virtual field trips from the home page or the grid at the top of your syllabus. Click on the link to Virtual Field Trips. In the worksheet blank for #3 write the page number in the text that corresponds to the Note Taking Fieldtrip.


Item #4           

Under What Your Mother Never Told You About College, name one tip that Bed Bath and Beyond gives to all college students.


Item #5           

What did you do to get back to The Study Skills Help Page?


Item #6           

Power Points are also linked each day on your syllabus but can be accessed from the home page or the grid at the top of you syllabus.  Find the chart titled Power Point Presentations for Topics Discussed in Class. Click on learning outcomes for Chapter 2 and list one of the outcomes.

Item #7            

Name one of the ten categories scored on the Lassi sheet?


Item #8           

What part of the library must you go to so you can complete the Birthday sheet within your library assignment?


Item #9           

For Unit Test 1 Review, what order must you list the levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy?


Item #10           

What is your MTSU email address?


Item #11           

What colors do they use in the example for the Stroop Effect?



Item #12           

How many players can play in Unit III Jeopardy?


Item #13           

Find the Unit Test III Evaluation (Unit III review). How many study aids are listed?


Item #14           

List the 4 categories for the take home portion of the final exam.


Item #15           

Link to Exploring College Life Activities List. Print it off and attach to your answer sheet.

In blank 15, write attached.


Item #16           

Name 3 things you might do towards earning your 100 points for Exploring College LIFE Activities.

Item #17           

What are the first and third items listed in Essential E-mail Etiquette?


Item #18           

How many extra credit “what’s your advice” assignments may you do?


Item #19           

Does your instructor teach other sections of this course? Is yes? List them.


Item #20           

From the MTSU home page find Student Health Services. Where are they located?

Item #21           

From the Marion Webster online language center on our homepage, give one definition for the word lagniappe ?


Item #22           

Check Course Requirements. State the policy for missed daily quizzed and unit tests not taken on time.


Item #23           

What is your instructor's name, email address and phone number?