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University 1010K Learning Strategies

Online Spring 2016

There is a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED orientation for the Fall course Monday January 25 5-6 pm. KOM 161

All other on campus test days are flexible.

(Note: although the course is  an online course, there is one(1) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (MUST) orientation meeting, August 26 in Jones College of Business 24x7 Computer Lab S 137F  3-4 pm and five(5) tests given on or off campus with flexible times for those.)

When you complete and submit this survey you will get a reply from an academic advisor giving you instructions for registering.

Course Description:
University 1010 Special Sections(K) Learning Strategies

To assist students in making the transition to college life; to enhance academic skills; to provide growth through self-awareness; and to increase student success both in college and after college graduation.

To promote an interest in and enthusiasm for learning--not just getting a grade.
• To enhance students' academic skills: studying, writing, library research, and using technology.
• To promote a positive adjustment to college life.
• To enhance students' knowledge of academic majors and career opportunities.
• To develop better self-awareness including goal setting, values, and learning styles.
• To help students understand the importance of wellness.
• To increase awareness and use of MTSU resources and services.

The goals and objectives of the special sections will address the same goals as all 1010 sections; however,the emphasis will on enhancing academic skills to meet university expectations.

The following topics will be addressed:
Applying the Principles of Time Management
Critical Thinking
Setting Goals
Principles of Brain Based Learning
Processing Information from Lectures
Processing Information from Textbooks
Learning Styles
Test-Taking Strategies
Managing Stress
College Resources and Services and College Etiquette
Student Wellness
Career Exploration
Principles of Research

Learning Outcomes by Unit

The "K" sections of University 1010 are designed to help students achieve a level of academic competence that will enable them to work successfully in college-level courses. The on-line courses are designed to meet this goal. However, on-line courses are not suited for all types of learners.  Students that are successful with distance learning tend to be self motivating, prefer independence, are able to follow written directions, and have the time to study for the class.

Is an Online Course for You?
Take the survey below to determine if an online course is suitable for you.

Please enter your name, email address, and phone number. Answer the14 questions and submit your entry at the end of the survey.


First:                                    Middle:                                Last:

Email:                                   Phone Number:      Student ID Number:

1. What semester are you applying for:

2. Have you ever attempted UNIV 1010 or Learning Strategies before?

If you answered "Yes" to question two, you are not eligible to take the online course.

3. Do you own or have daily access to a computer having a CD-ROM, Internet connection, and Microsoft Word?

If you answered "No" to question three, you are not eligible to take the online course.

4. Having face-to-face interaction with my instructor and classmates is:
    Not particularly important to me
    Somewhat important to me
    Very important to me

5. I would classify myself as someone who:
    Often gets things done ahead of time
    Needs reminding to get things done on time
    Puts things off until the last minute or doesn't complete them

6. Classroom discussion is:
    Rarely helpful to me
    Sometimes helpful to me
    Almost always helpful to me

7. When an instructor hands out directions for an assignment, I prefer:
    Figuring out the directions myself
    Trying to follow the directions on my own, then asking for help as needed 
    Having the directions explained to me

8. I need instructors to constantly remind me of due dates and assignments:

9. Considering my professional and personal schedule, the amount of time I have to work on an online course is:
    More than for a class on campus
    The same as for a class on campus
    Less than for a class on campus

10. When I am asked to use email, computers, or other new technologies presented to me:
    I look forward to learning new technologies and skills
    I feel apprehensive, but try anyway
    I put it off and try to avoid it

11. Coming to campus on a regular schedule is:
    Extremely difficult for me--I have commitments (work, family, or personal) during times when classes are regularly offered
    A little difficult, but I can arrange my priorities to allow for regularly scheduled classes
    Easy for me

12. As a reader, I would classify myself as:
    Good, I usually understand the text without help
    Average, I sometimes need help to understand the text.
    Slower than average

13. When I need help understanding the subject:
    I am comfortable approaching the instructor to ask for clarification
    I am uncomfortable approaching the instructor to admit I don't understand something.
    I never approach the instructor to admit I don't understand something

14. My level of anxiety is:

Be sure you have submitted the survey with Submit button above. Once you have completed and submitted the survey, the instructor will contact you by email within 1 business day with the results of the survey, and to let you know if you appear to be a suitable candidate for the online course.

NOTE! By completing this survey, you are NOT officially registered for this course. 
When the instructor emails you with the results of your survey, you will given further information about getting a POD to register for the online course.  If you are not a current student at this university, you must contact admissions to be officially admitted to Middle Tennessee State University before you can enroll in this course.

Link to The Study Skills Help Page  Note time and place of required orientation.