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Learning Strategies Final Exam Take Home Questions

 20 points

The four questions below are the take home portion of your final exam for Learning Strategies. The answers account for 20 points of your final exam grade. This assignment is due at the beginning of our last regularly scheduled class period. You may use any sources you think necessary to answer the questions fully; however, the work must be your own. Your answers must be typed. You may download this as a word document from the final exam review page.  If you retype it instead of downloading, be sure to include the questions as well as your answers. You will want to save a copy for you to keep.

I.            Learning Profile

Use a highlighter to color in the blocks that describe your learning style. You may color all or part of a block depending on your strengths.

Sensory Mode Preference




Hemispheric Dominance

Left Brained

Right Brained


Multiple Intelligence Preference












II. Learning Strategies/ Study Aids

 One goal of this class is to help each student find ways of learning and studying that work and are efficient for that individual. Examine your learning profile and review what you have written in the back insides cover of your textbook,"strategies that work for me." Given what you know about how your learn best and what has worked for you this semester, list and explain 5 specific strategies or study aids you discovered that will help you learn and study better. Pretend that your readers are your friends who are coming to college next semester and want to be successful ,but really don't have a clue where to start. Give enough detail in your explanation so that someone who reads your strategies will know exactly what to do. This means including what to do, how to do it, and in most cases why it works. Each answer should be at least a half page typed.







III. Goals

State one goal you accomplished this semester. List in detail the steps you took to accomplish it. (Make sure your goal is expressed as a SMART goal including all five elements.)

 Goal 1


State one non-school related goal you plan to accomplish in the next four months. (Make sure your goal is expressedas a SMART including all five elements.) Detail the steps you think are necessary in order to accomplish your goal

Goal 2


IV. In a well-developed paragraph, evaluate your uses of a master schedule this semester.