Test Review Unit I

Click on pencil for a practice test for Unit I  Test. ( This is a test from a previous semester. All the questions are not exactly the same,but it will give you a good idea of what to expect.)

 computerHere is a link to the  Power Point Slides Used to Review.



Multiple Choice

10 questions (2 points each) Questions come from textbook reading,

class discussion, class power points and lecture. A good review would be to study

the summary at the end of each chapter and review power points .--

There is some practice end of the chapter tests at 7equizzes.html

Higher Education Terms


There are six terms dealing with higher education in matching form. Check Page 25 for your list.

Goal Setting

List the five elements in setting a SMART goal. (1 point each)  You will also be asked to write

your action plan for a goal.

Locus of Control

5 questions worth 1 point each. You will be give a statement made by a student

and asked to identify the student's locus of control as either internal or external.

Example: I'm always late because my ride is not dependable.

Grade Point Average


You will be asked to figure a student's grade point average for a semester..

(See page 18-19) 4 points


Describe the question in the margin system used for both taking notes and reading textbooks.

(3 points each) You may want to draw an example and label it. (See page 16 of text)

Or you may explain it in detail.

Fact or Opinion

(1 point each) You will read five statements and tell whether the statement is fact or opinion.

Bloom's Taxonomy

(2 points each)

Matching with the learning level and the explanation of that level 2 points each

Flash cards for blooms are found at both of these sites http://www.quia.com/jg/90134.html 

List in order from lowest to highest (knowledge on bottom)the levels of Bloom's Taxonomy. (1 points each)

Modeling the Learning Process


The four steps of Modeling the Learning Process are given. You are asked to choose one topic we worked with this unit(such as time management, decision making, setting goals) as explain specifically what you did in each step of the learning process. See pages 47, 63 ,and 84

Time Management

List two ways to make extra time and write an example of something you have done this semester to use each way.


Test I Evaluation

Test I Evaluation Print and Complete in class when test returned
Test I evauation word format If your computer has Word, you can download and fill in on your computer and then print.


Practice test on this site http://www.quia.com/tq/249225.html