Name______________      Test Grade_________    Daily Average______  Student  Number _


Unit Test III Evaluation of Test and Preparation for Test

Study your graded test carefully. On the back of this sheet list anything you have questions about?


There were several study aids for this test. Which of the following did you use?

Put a check beside each one used.


_____                 Review Sheet:  I checked off each item on the review sheet and made lists, flashcards, or other summary sheets for each part.


_____                 Practice Test on Course Info: I took the test on course info and looked up materials I needed for questions missed.


_____                 Test III Jeopardy:  In addition to playing the review game in class, I practiced it  ____(how many) additional times.


_____                 Label in the Margin Chart (actual page from test): I used blank copies of the chart to practice what we discussed in class.


_____                 Power Point Presentations:  In addition to taking notes from them in class, I reviewed them on line.


_____                 Homework: Homework assignments were turned in on time. I am remembering to fill in the summary as I read.


_____                 Class Attendance: I not only attended every class, I took notes and asked questions.



What grade did you make on the test?________

Are you satisfied with this grade?  Why?


If you are not satisfied with your grade, what do you intend to do about it?



Which of the above study aids was most useful?


Suggestions for other study aids or request for more (or less) of the same type review:




So far, what has been the most useful thing you have learned in the courses?




Reexamine the outcomes for this unit. Check those you think you have accomplished.


Learning Outcomes for Unit Three: Information Processing



Students can use the ten memory principles to develop strategies for processing information from classroom lectures.


Students can appraise their listening habits and construct strategies for improving their listening.


Students can describe several reasons for taking notes in class.


Students can demonstrate the six steps of the label in the margin system for taking notes: Record, Label with a question, Recite, Reflect, Review, and Summarize.


Students can explain how to survey a textbook assignment.


Students can demonstrate how to use the label in the margin system for reading textbooks. Survey, Focus, Read, Label with a question, Recite, Reflect, Review, Summarize


Students can analyze the label in the margin system and explain how the memory principles are used to complete the system.


Students can determine their preferred learning styles including sensory mode, hemispheric dominance and multiple intelligence.


Students will practice the strategies presented in the unit to determine the most efficient strategies for them to process difficult material and strategies to reinforce the initial learning.