Review Sheet for Information Processing Unit Test III

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Your instructor will read a short lecture. You will demonstrate that you understand and can use the label in the margin method for taking notes. Use the correct format and techniques discussed in class. ( 10 points )

Multiple Choice


Eleven true/false questions taken from your homework, class discussion and notes.        ( 1 point each)

Six multiple choice questions taken from your homework, class discussion and notes.    ( 1 point each)

Link to practice quizzes


List two ways you can improve your listening. ( 1 point each)

Multiple Intelligence

You will be asked to identify which intelligence is primarily being used in a specific situation.( 6 points)

Hemispheric Dominance

You will be asked to identify left and right brain characteristics. ( 7 points)

Your Learning Preferences

You will be asked to state your hemispheric preference, your sensory mode preference, and your two strongest intelligences. In addition you will be asked to describe two strategies that are effective for you given your preference. (10 points)

Steps of Question in the Margin Chart

You will be asked to explain the steps of the Question in the Margin System for both taking lecture notes and reading textbooks using the three stagesof Input, Process and Activate.(28 points)-- The chart on page 121 and 136 of Practicing College Learning Strategies 4e should be helpful. (See practice sheet we used in class) Click here for blank copy.

Learning Principles

One reason the question in the margin system works so well for students is that it uses many of the learning principles. Identify which learning principles are used in the Question in the margin system and explain how that principle is used in the label in the margin system.(5 points) Check your homework in text on pages 122-123. Click here for some ideas from other students.

Text Questionin the Margin


You will be given a short paragraph and asked to do two things. First to illustrate how to mark your textbook using the Question in the margin method and second to map the paragraph. ( 10 points)

Beyond Memory

Name and briefly explain what James Zull outlines as four essention functions of learning ( 8 points) See Chapter 5 summary or page 103 of text. link to game

Practice Test

There is a practice test

Other Study Aids


There is also a Challenge Board (jeopardy type) Game at
Question in margin chart filled in lecture side
Question in margin chart both sides filled in
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