Review Sheet for Test II (Learning Principles)

Name and Classify

learning Principles

You will be asked to name the learning principles in the groups discussed in class and in the text.

3 points each for naming and spelling the principle correctly and

1 point for each group that has all learning principles in the correct place.

Starting the Connection


Controlling the Amount and Form of Information

Strengthening Neural Connections

Allowing Time to Solidify Pathways

        Flash cards are found in two places


the learning Principle

You will be given examples of students using thelearning principles

and asked to identify which principle is being used.

Some principles will be used more that once. (16 examples 1 point each.)

For examples see the following


Multiple Choice


There are 3 multiple choice questions and 4 true false questions (1 point each)

pay particular attention to chapter review and brain bits.




Matching 10 terms  (1 points each): Pay particular attention to summary
* Here is an on line game to practice


Bloom's Taxonomy

You will be asked to identify which level of Bloom's Taxonomy is being described 

in statements about the learning principles.  1 point each (See Making Connections page 108)

Mnemonic Device

You will be asked to to make a mnemonic for a specific situation. (3 points)
Example: Devise a mnemonic to help you remember for Blooms taxonomy in the correct order:

King Charles Added and Subtracted Equations.

 If you are having trouble, these sites may help you

ParagraphUsing Learning Principles

In a well developed paragraph, describe three learning principles

and discuss specifically how you used them to study for this test. (8 points). See all levels of for ideas.

In an answer to a discussion question on a test, without knowing what the question asked you to do, the reader should be able to read the first sentence of your answer and the determine what the question asked and what the major points of your answer will be. Each major point should be supported with examples, and there should be a clear conclusion

Flow Chart

How Memory Works

You will be give a blank flow chart like the one on page 116 and asked to fill in the blanks. (14 points)

This power point should be helpful.

Test II evaluation sheet

Print and fill in what you can when you finish studying and turn in when get back you graded test.