Virtual Field Trip

Let's Go Find Out about Test or Exam Anxiety


Ready to go on a virtual field trip? One major concern for many students is Test or Exam Anxiety. Let's take a trip to discover some causes and cures. Click on any of the sites below. You will find many places to visit. The trip is free. It's your passport to knowledge about test anxiety .





The purpose of your trip is to find the answers to the questions below.  You may have to go several places. In addition to answering the questions, be sure to tell where you were when you found the answers (include the title and URL of your source).




1. Name several cause of test anxiety



2. What are some of the effects of test anxiety?



3. List at least 5 possible ways to reduce test anxiety.




Now quickly visit 3 sites about Test Anxiety you have not visited.

List the site my name of sponsor or college.






Choose the one that looked the most useful to you and list 5 things you discovered on that site.

Name and URL of site _________________________________










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