Virtual Field Trip

Learning More About the Brain 


1. John Medina,author of Brain Rules, has recorded twelve short clips about what he calls Brain Rules. Go to his DVD site and choose two to watch and take notes.

Identify which two videos you watched and list the main idea of the video.

a. __________________________









2. There are many site about Brain Research, but one of the most easy to understand, informative, and up to date is Dr. Eric Chudler's Brain Basics.

 Log on by clicking above. Skim several of the articles. Choose one and read it carefully. Then as a way of summarizing the article, list ten important facts that you learned about questioning that expanded what you already knew about asking questions.. 

  What did you think was the most important point on the article?

This is a travel journal assignment.

Name  and URL of Article ____________________________________________________

5 points from the article






What was the most important point of the article? Why?

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