Virtual Field Trip: College Student Budget

One aspect of college life that is the cause of stress and primary reason some students must drop out of college is MONEY.

This Field trip has you searching for some solutions.


Your itinerary for this field trip is come back with enough information to do two things:

1. Teach a group of first year college students what you think are the five most important tips for keeping financially sound.

2. Choose or design a budget worksheet that will work for you and make a budget for yourself for the semester.

I have listed some site that might be a good place to start or you may want to do a Google search using College Student Budget as your search.


Cash Course

Wilmington Trust Budget Worksheet for College Students

College Student's Monthly Budget Calculator  Budgeting for the College Student

13 tips from Forbes




Travel Journal

 In your Travel Journal you want to list the tips you plan to teach as well as the source for those tips.

Five Financial Tips to Teach to First Year Students

Tip 1


Tip 2


Tip 3


Tip 4


Tip 5


Souvenir from trip: Budget Worksheet