Virtual Field Trip: Citing Sources

When using sources in papers or projects, it is important to document them properly. There are several styles used to document sources. The humanities usually use MLA or Chicago style. The sciences usually use APA or CSE style.



Ask your instructor which style she or he would prefer you to use and document for a bibliography.  Visit one of the websites below. They will have examples of how to document using several of the guidelines. Or you may wish to do a "Google " search using the style chosen and the keyword.


Travel Journal

Again ask your instructor which guideline to use and document the following:


Author or editor: Howard J. Pierce

Title of the book: The Owner’s Manual For The Brain: Everyday Applications From Mind-Brain Research, 2nd edition

Publisher Bard Press

Place of publication Austin, Tex

Date of publication 2000

Style of Guideline used___________________________





Full Text Magazine Article from a Database

Author: James Bakalor and Anthony Komaroff

Title of article: The Aging Brain; Old Genes, New Findings

Title of magazine: Newsweek

Date of publication: January 17, 2005

Volume number (if required:)52

Pagination (if given):61

Vendor/supplier of database: Thompson Gale

Database name:  InfoTrac OneFile

Accession number of article: (if required) 110

Date of access: October 13, 2005 ( or use today's date)

Style uses ________________________






Newspaper Article (from online database)

Newspaper title: Ottawa Citizen

Article title: Fish really does keep you thinking straight

Author (if given): Sharon Kirkey

Date of publication: October 11,2005

Page or section numbers (if given): pg A1

Date of access: October 13, 2005

Database where article was accessed: Lexis Nexis

Library through which article was accessed: Use your library

Style used______________________






Web Page:

Author (if given): none given

Title of work: Brain Connection

Group responsible for the site(if applicable):Scientific Learning

Date site was last updated:

Date of access: October 13, 2005

Address of the site:

Style used__________________