Virtual Field Trip: What I Need To Know About Sleep



Going to college and getting less sleep seem to go hand in hand. The reasons may vary--work, assignments, relationships, parties, last minutes cramming for a test.   But the fact remains the same many, if not most, college students are sleep-deprived. While you may try to justify pulling an all nighter, you probably have also felt the consequences—trouble focusing in class, not being able to remember things you knew on a test, and others. This Field trip has you searching for some information you really need to know about lack of sleep.




Your itinerary for this field trip is come back with enough information to make 5-minute speech to your class on the effects of sleep deprivation. Below are some places to visit. As you search the sites remember your speech should have at least three main points with supporting evidence.  Use the outline provided to plan your speech. (You need not write out the speech in full sentences, but provided enough information in the outline so that you could actually make the speech if you needed to.) You will also need to site the source of information by listing the URL.


The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Brain and Behavior


Study Of Brain Activity And Sleep Deprivation, University of California San Diego


Lack of Sleep Takes Toll on Brain Power, on WebMD website


This is your Brain without Sleep, on health website




Scientists Finding Out What Losing Sleep Does to a Body Washington Post


University of Georgia Health Services




Speech outline


What is the topic of your speech?




Why should the audience listen to you ?




What are your main points?










Point 1



Supporting evidence










(include URL for sources of evidence)

Point 2



Supporting evidence










(include URL for source of evidence

Point 3


Supporting evidence










(include URL for source of evidence


What were the main points of your speech and what do you want the audience to remember?