Langston, Advanced Cognitive Psychology, Notes 8 -- Language
We'll investigate language with a set of articles that look at various aspects of language. This will give you a flavor of language research areas. The goal is to look at some of these techniques used to study language to see if we can get some ideas for cognitive research in general.
Statistical regularities:
  1. Ziegler, J. C. et al. (2010). Orthographic depth and its impact on universal predictors of reading: A cross-language investigation. Psychological Science, 21, 551-559.
  2. Montag, J. L., Jones, M. N., & Smith, L. B. (2015). The words children hear: Picture books and the statistics for language learning. Psychological Science, 26, 1489-1496.

Language and cognition:

  1. Lupyan, G., & Clark, A. (2015). Words and the world: Predictive coding and the language-perception-cognition interface. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 24, 279-284.
  2. Klein, R. M., & Saint-Aubin, J. (2016). What a simple letter-detection task can tell us about cognitive processes in reading. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 25, 417-424.
  3. Costa, A., Vives, M.-L., & Corey, J. D. (2017). On language processing shaping decision making. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 26, 146-151.
  4. Snefjella, B., & Kuperman, V. (2015). Concreteness and psychological distance in natural language use. Psychological Science, 26, 1449-1460.

Advanced Cognitive Psychology Notes 8
Will Langston

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