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  • Week of 5/30/05
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    Syllabus [Top]
    Course Notes There are two types of lecture file:
    • PowerPoint:  You'll need PowerPoint to view these.  For printing purposes, be sure to set it so you don't get one slide per page (that's very wasteful and time consuming).
    • Adobe:  You'll need Acrobat Reader.  This program is a free download, and will already be on most computers.
    Exam Essays These are unclickable until it's exam time. 
    • Exam 1 Take-Home Essays (this is a Word file).
    • Exam 2 Take-Home Essays (this is a Word file).
    Links Human factors and design.  Suggest a link:  Email me
    Reaction Papers I will accept papers sent via email.  DO NOT email me a document with a virus.  If you don't practice safe computing, please copy your reaction paper and paste it into the email message (don't send it as an attachment).
    Remember, reactions are the amount of material that will fit on a one page, double spaced, typed document.  They can be handwritten or emailed, but that's still the maximum amount.  Part of the exercise is for you to get right to your point and justify it briefly.  Sources are open, but I'd prefer some element of empirical research.  So, if you see something in the newspaper and want to react to it, try to track down the original research.  Or, find some research that supports or refutes the information in the newspaper and discuss that.  Show me that you're thinking, include some human factors stuff, read some of the primary literature and I will be pleased. 
    The goal of this assignment is for you to demonstrate application of human factors to stuff you encounter in your daily life.  They're brief reports of what's on your mind.  Pick an interesting problem, apply something we're covering, and make a nice argument.  If you keep your eyes open, you should have way too many ideas to fit them all into the May term. 


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