Seminar on Careers in Psychology
Fall 2014; 10:20-11:15 M, COE (College of Education) 149

Instructor:  Dr. William Langston
Office:  JH 348
Phone:  898-5489 (office)
Office Hours:  12-1 T, 2:30-3:30 W, drop in anytime, calling first is a good idea, email for appointments.
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Required Text:
Morgan, B. L., & Korschgen, A. J. (2014). Majoring in Psych?: Career Options for Psychology Undergraduates (5th Ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

Additional information and ordering here:
Digital rental for $15.99 here:

Additional readings are linked on the course page.
Course Objectives:
Course Responsibilities:
This class is designed to help you to make important decisions about the direction you will take with your education and your life. Therefore, you should approach the course with an attitude that shows sufficient respect for its importance to your personal outcomes.

1.  Quizzes. We will have weekly quizzes in class. You will need to complete 8 of these with an average score of 70%.

2.  Assignments.
We will have various assignments related to career exploration. You will need to complete 4 of these.
3.  Reading.  You will be expected to keep up with the reading (textbook and additional resources) and be prepared to participate in class discussions related to the reading.

4. Participation. You will need to be an active participant in class discussions.
You will document your participation by completing discussion items.
The class is graded pass/fail:

Complete 8 quizzes, complete 4 assignments, be in class.
For quizzes, you should average 70%, for assignments you should show documentable effort, and you should have fewer than three absences
Don't do the iems listed in "Pass"

NOTE WELL:  Good attendance/participation in discussions will be used to decide borderline cases.
General Policies:
1.  Attendance:  Attendance is mandatory.  I will pass around a sign-up sheet every day.
2.  Late policy:  Complete assignments on time.
3.  Course resources are available on the web at You may also utilize resources on the course's D2L page.
4.  Drop deadlines:  The last day to drop without a grade is September 7.  The last day to drop is October 29 (you will receive some sort of grade).  If you stay in the class after October 29, you will not be able to drop unless you experience a major tragedy or emergency.  I am not the person who makes that determination.  Incompletes will only be given if you have successfully completed the majority of the coursework and were prevented from finishing by a major tragedy or emergency.
5.  Any student engaging in any form of academic misconduct will lose credit for the relevant assignment and will be subjected to the appropriate university proceedings.
6.  If you experience problems in the course, see me.  You’re welcome in my office anytime.
7.  Reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities:  If you require assistance or accommodation (e.g., testing, note-taking, etc.), or you have questions related to such accommodations, speak to me as soon as possible.  Also, the Disability and Access Center (898-2783) can provide information about such accommodations. Additional information is here:
8. Do you have a lottery scholarship?  To retain the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship (TELS) eligibility, you must earn a cumulative TELS GPA of 2.75 after 24 and 48 attempted hours and a cumulative TELS GPA of 3.0 thereafter.  A grade of C, D, F, FA, or I in this class may negatively impact TELS eligibility. If you drop this class, withdraw, or if you stop attending this class you may lose eligibility for your lottery scholarship, and you will not be able to regain eligibility at a later time. For additional Lottery rules, please refer to your Lottery Statement of Understanding form ( or contact your MT One Stop Enrollment Counselor (
Schedule of events:
Week of:  Topic: Read: 

Psychology at MTSU

H O L I D A Y Monday, 9/1

Majoring in psychology/Kinds of psychology Chapters 1 and 2
Guest speaker: Dr. Aimee Holt--School Psychology

Guest speaker: Dr. Kimberly Ujcich-Ward--Clinical Psychology

Guest speaker: Dr. Judith Van Hein--Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Chapters 3 and 4
H O L I D A Y Monday, 10/13

Careers and money Chapter 5
Careers and money
Chapter 6
Should I go to graduate school
Chapter 7
Practical graduate school tips
Chapter 8
More on graduate school

Developing a vita/resume
Chapter 9
Career planning Chapter 10
Please note:  Some due dates and topics may shift to later dates.  In no event will due dates be moved to an earlier date.

Seminar on Careers in Psychology Syllabus
Will Langston
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