MTSU Social Work Department

SW 2630: Interviewing Skills


Index of Handouts


Summaries of
Required Reading Assignments

Index of Handouts

1: Definitions

7: Environment

2: Collaborative 

 8: Feelings

3: Process

9: C-C Responses

4: Listening

10: W-C Responses

5: Listen II

 11: First Session

6: Attending

12: Diversity

Review for Exam I

Summaries of Required Reading Assignments

These are summaries of the material in the two required textbooks for the course which were done by Dr. Charles Frost, Chair, MTSU Social Work Department, for students in his section of this course. Thanks to Dr. Frost for his permission for us to use them.

Summaries of chapters from The Social Work Interview by Kadushin and Kadushin

 Chapters one, two, three  Chapters ten, eleven
 Chapter four  Chapter twelve
 Chapter five  Chapter thirteen
 Chapter six  ..........and more on thirteen
 Chapters seven, eight, nine  Chapter fourteen

Summaries of material from Reaching Out by David Johnson

 First half of the book  Second half of the book.

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