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Officers 2015-2016

  • President: Roger Armes, 7137 Old Clarksville Pike, Joelton TN 37080
  • Vice President/Editor: Kevin E. Smith, 1222 Chenault Lane, Castalian Springs TN 37031. Phone: 615-898-5958. Email: kevin.smith@mtsu.edu
  • Secretary: Brenda Heinrich, 240 Sterling Road, Hendersonville TN 37075. Email: heinrichbg@att.net
  • Treasurer: George Heinrich, 240 Sterling Road, Hendersonville TN 37075. Email: heinrichbg@att.net

 Middle Cumberland Archaeological Society

The Middle Cumberland Archaeological Society is one of the oldest existing and continually active organizations devoted to the archaeology of Tennessee. The origins of the MCAS extend back to about 1966, when the Southeastern Indian Antiquities Survey was created. The name was changed to the Southeastern Institute for Anthropological Studies to reflect the focus of the organization on both archaeology and modern Native American issues. With changing local interests, the name of the organization was formally changed to the Middle Cumberland Archaeological Society in 1976, and has held meetings at least quarterly since that time.

The basic objective of the Society is to promote interest in the study of the cultures of historic and prehistoric people in the Middle Tennessee area.

Benefits of membership in the MCAS include:

  • Six meetings per year held at 7:00 PM on the third Tuesday of February, April, June, August, October, and December at Cloverbottom Mansion (home of the Tennessee Historical Commission) in Nashville, Tennessee. At each meeting, a professional speaker on an archaeological topic of local, regional, national, or international interest is sponsored.
  • Members receive six newsletter per year -- providing information on local volunteer fieldwork opportunities, museum exhibits, short articles by the members, and other announcements.
  • Opportunities to participate as volunteers on professionally directed archaeological projects in the local area
  • A chance to talk about local archaeology with people who share these interests

Information for Subscribers

Membership in the MCAS extends from January 1 - January 1, and entitles the member to receive the newsletter and other publications, along with an invitation to attend all MCAS functions. Due should be paid by check or money order. 2015 Dues are: Student ($6.00); Professional Archaeologist ($6.00); Senior Citizen (60 years or older; $6.00); Individual ($10.00); Family ($12.00); Patron ($25.00). Membership requests should be sent to MCAS Secretary/Treasurer, c/o Mr. George Heinrich, 240 Sterling Road, Hendersonville TN 37075.

For more information, see the MCAS Constitution and By-Laws or contact Kevin E. Smith, Professor of Anthropology, PO Box 10, MTSU, Murfreesboro TN 37132. (615) 898-5958. Or email to Kevin E. Smith

Information last verified on February 21, 2015.


  • Sec. 1 The name of this organization shall be the Middle Cumberland Archaeological Society.
ARTICLE II. Objectives
  • Sec. 1 The objectives of the Society shall be:
    • (a) To encourage, and engage in, scientific archaeological research in such ways as area surveys, surface collecting, site mapping, field and laboratory analysis of materials, comprehensive documentation and reporting.
    • (b) To promote interest in the study of the cultures of historic and prehistoric people in the Middle Tennessee area.
    • (c) To serve as an aid to the Tennessee Division of Archaeology or to any profesionally managed archaeological projects, by offering assistance in the form of volunteer workers, lab assistants, or research investigators.
ARTICLE III. Membership
  • Sec. 1 The membership shall consist of seven (7) classes: Family, Individual, Student, Complimentary, Professional, Patron, and Senior Citizen.
    • (a) Family: This includes husband and wife, each entitled to vote and hold office. Also included in this membership are any children in the family under eighteen years of age.
    • (b) Individual: Entitled to vote and hold office, if eighteen years or older.
    • (c) Student: Any full-time student. Entitled to vote, but not to hold elected office unless eighteen years of age, or older.
    • (d) Complimentary: This type of membership has no voting rights or office-holding capacity and is granted by approval of the majority of the elected officers.
    • (e) Professional: This is a special membership for anyone who makes his or her livelihood in the science of Archaeology. This type of membership holds both voting and office-holding rights.
    • (f) Senior Citizen: This is a membership for anyone sixty (60) years, or older.
    • (g) Patron.

  • Sec. 2 Expulsion: Written charges, signed by at least five members, may be brought against any member for actions serious enough to be considered harmful to the Society. Such charges will be sent to the President or Secretary and action shall be taken at the next scheduled meeting. A three-fourths majority vote of the membership present at this meeting shall be required for expulsion.
ARTICLE IV. Officers
  • Sec. 1 All elected officers must be Eighteen (18) years of age, or older.
  • Sec. 2 The Officers shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Editor. (The office of Secretary and Treasurer may be held by the same person and the Office of Editor may also be held jointly by one of the other serving officers).
    • (a) Officers shall be elected for a two year term by majority vote of the members present at the last scheduled meeting of the year. The new Officers shall assume office at the beginning of the next year and serve until their successors are installed.
    • (b) If a vacancy occurs in an elective office for any reason, the remaining time of this office will be filled by a person selected by a majority vote of the remaining Officers.
    • (c) A nominating committee shall be appointed by the President at the next to last meeting of the year. A list of nominations will be presented and voted upon at the last scheduled meeting of the year. Nominations can also be made from the floor at the time of election. Uncontested offices will be voted on by a show of hands. In cases of competition for any office, voting shall be by unsigned ballot.
ARTICLE V. Meetings
  • Sec. 1 Meetings will be held bi-monthly starting with the Month of February. Meetings of Special Interest Groups or emergency meetings will be held as the need arises.
  • Sec. 2 Members are encouraged to bring artifacts to the meeting for display and discussion, but selling or swapping of artifacts at these meetings is strictly prohibited.
ARTICLE VI. Finances
  • Sec. 1 Annual membership dues shall be payable January the first for each ensuing year. Those members who have not paid their dues by March 1, shall be considered delinquent and may be dropped from the Society's mailing list.
  • Sec. 2 Orders on the Treasury for the payment of valid and subsisting obligations of the Society shall be drawn and signed by the Treasurer, Secretary, or President.
ARTICLE VII. Society Administration
  • Sec. 1 The business and administration of the MCAS shall be entrusted to the elected officers.
  • Sec. 1 The elected Officers shall adopt by-laws to regulate the conduct of Society business and may amend the same at any time by using the amendment procedure spelled out in this Constitution. The by-laws shall fix the membership dues, duties of the Officers, time and place of regular meetings, and any other matters pertaining to the conducting of the Society's business.
ARTICLE IX. Amendments
  • Sec. 1 Amendments to this Constitution, or its By-Laws shall be made upon majority vote of the membership at any regular scheduled meeting, provided the proposed amendment has been read and explained by an Officer, at the previous scheduled meeting.
ARTICLE X. Special Interest Groups
  • Sec. 1 Special Interest Groups (SIG) will be allowed within the society as the interest of the membership dicatates. A Director of each Special Interest Gropu will be appointed by the President. These groups will be bound by the Constitution of the MCAS and will be under its jurisdiction.
ARTICLE XI. Dissolution
  • Sec. 1 Upon dissolution of the Society the elected Officers shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all the outstanding liabilities of the Society, dispose of the Society's assets exclusively to other such organizations operated fo r scientific or educational purposes. Upon dissolution members and Officers of the MCAS will not be accountable for any debts incurred beyond the limits of the treasury.


Sec. 1 Yearly membership dues payable by January and delinquent after March, shall be as follows:
  • (a) Annual Family $12.00
  • (b) Annual Individual $10.00
  • (c) Student $ 6.00
  • (d) Complimentary Free
  • (e) Professional $ 6.00
  • (f) Senior Citizen $ 6.00
  • (g) Patron $25.00
Sec. 2 The Officers of the Society shall be:
  • (a) President
  • (b) Vice President
  • (c) Secretary
  • (d) Treasurer
  • (e) Editor
Sec. 3 Duties of the Officers are:
  • (a) President. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Society and shall exercise the customary authority of his office. The President shall appoint committees, or Directors of Special Interest Groups. He may also call special meetings a ccording to the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws.
  • (b) Vice President. The Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President, and shall ahve the responsibility for the regular meeting programs.
  • (c) Secretary. The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of the society.
  • (d) Treasurer. The Treasurer shall have chare of all the monies of the Society. The Treasurer shall pay all the bills against the society and keep the accounts, records, and an up-to-date file of the membership. A report on the Society's financial condition shall be read at each regular meeting unless excused by the President.
  • (e) Editor. The Editor shall be responsible for notifying the membership of up-coming meetings, whether this be in the form of a newslette, notice, or phonecall, is up to the discretion of the Editor. The Editor shall also oversee all other Society publications.
Sec. 4 The regular scheduled meetings of the Society shall normally be held at 7:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of every other month beginning with February. Meetings will be held at Cloverbottom Mansion.

Sec. 5 The official repositories of the MCAS shall be:

  • (a) The Tennessee Division of Archaeology
  • (b) Middle Tennessee State University

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