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Archaeology in Tennessee

Tellico Archaeology: 12,000 Years of Native American History (revised edition) by Jefferson Chapman. 1994. University of Tennessee Press.

The Prehistory of the Chickamauga Basin in Tennessee by Thomas M.N. Lewis and Madeline D. Kneberg Lewis. Compiled and edited by Lynne Sullivan. 1995. University of Tennessee Press.

Archaeology of the Southeastern US

Towns and Temples Along the Mississippi, edited by David H. Dye and Cheryl Anne Cox. University of Alabama Press, 1990.

The Southeastern Indians, by Charles Hudson. University of Tennessee Press, 1976.

Kentucky Archaeology, edited by R. Barry Lewis. University Press of Kentucky, 1996.

A New Deal for Southeastern Archaeology, by Edwin A. Lyon. University of Alabama Press, 1996.

Prehistory of the Central Mississippi Valley, edited by Charles H. McNutt. University of Alabama Press, 1996.

Archaeology of Alabama and the Middle South, by John A. Walthall. University of Alabama Press, 1980 (paper edition, 1990).

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