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Tennessee Archaeology
Electronic Format Print Journal

Pursuant to discussions at the 2003 and 2004 annual meetings on Current Research in Tennessee Archaeology, a new publication outlet for archaeology in Tennessee was created. The journal Tennessee Archaeology is produced in full-color in Adobe PDF format and provided on-line as a electronic format print journal.

The journal is a fully peer-reviewed enterprise, sponsored by the Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology and supported by a professional review board consisting of archaeologists throughout the state.

Our special thanks to The Center for Historic Preservation at Middle Tennessee State University for their partnership and support in hosting the journal.

The Tennessee Archaeology e-journal is also hosted by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Archaeology e-journal page. If you have difficulties downloading any of the issues from here, please try that link as well.

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A complete listing of abstracts is available: Tennessee Archaeology Abstracts Page

CURRENT ISSUES – Volume 10, Issue 2 [Published December 11, 2020]

Complete Issue in Medium Print Quality (10.0 Mb PDF): Volume 10, Issue 2.

Contents - Volume 10, Issue 2

  • Editors Corner.
  • Antiquarian Investigations and Archaeological Testing at the Glass Mounds Site (40WM3), Williamson County, Tennessee
  • Tennessee-Cumberland Triskele Gorgets: Distribution, Chronology, and Interpretation
  • The Archaeological Legacy of Mack S. Prichard, Jr. (1939-2020): A Tribute)
  • Expanding the Prehistoric Rock Art Database of the MidSouth 2010: New Sites in Tennessee and North Georgia


Volume 1, Issue 1 [Publication Date of August 13, 2004]

Complete Issue in Medium Print Quality (10 Mb PDF): Volume 1, Issue 1.

Contents - Volume 1, Issue 1

  • Introducing a New Journal
  • The Sogom Site (40DV68): A Mississippian Farmstead on Cockrill Bend, Davidson County, Tennessee - Mark R. Norton and John B. Broster
  • The Ensworth School Site (40DV184): A Middle Archaic Benton Occupation Along the Harpeth River Drainage in Middle Tennessee - Aaron Deter-Wolf
  • Fieldwork at Swallow Bluff Island Mounds, Tennessee (40HR16) in 2003 - Paul D. Welch
  • Interior Incised Plates and Bowls from the Nashville Basin of Tennessee - Kevin E. Smith, Daniel Brock, and Christopher Hogan
  • Early Investigations at Gordontown (40DV6): Results of an 1877 Exploration Sponsored by the Peabody Museum, Harvard University - Michael C. Moore

Volume 1, Issue 2 [Publication Date of June 16, 2005]

Complete Issue in Medium Print Quality (2.5 Mb PDF): Volume 1, Issue 2.

Contents - Volume 1, Issue 2

  • Editors Corner
  • Architectural Sequencing at the Samuel Doak Plantation, Greeneville, Tennessee - Nicholas Honerkamp
  • Working on the Railroad: Investigations of the M&O and L&N Terminal Site (40SY590), Memphis, Tennessee - Patrick H. Garrow
  • The Eugene Woods Clovis Point - Charles H. McNutt
  • Salvage of an Eroding Feature at the Tellico Blockhouse, Tellico Reservoir, Monrore County, Tennessee - Todd M. Ahlman, Daniel L. Marcel, Nicholas P. Herrmann, and Bradley A. Creswell

Volume 2, Issue 1 [Publication Date of February 13, 2006]

Complete Issue in Medium Print Quality (5.88 Mb PDF): Volume 2, Issue 1.

Contents - Volume 2, Issue 1

  • Editors Corner
  • Archaeological Investigation of a Mississippian Period Structure in the Loess Hill Bluffs of Shelby County, Tennessee - Gary Barker
  • Middle Archaic through Mississippian Occupations at Site 40DR226 along the Tennessee River in Decatur County - AAron Deter-Wolf and Josh Tuschl
  • A Radiocarbon Chronology for Mound A [Unit 5] at Chucalissa in Memphis, Tennessee - Jay D. Franklin and Todd D. McCurdy
  • Some Reflections on the Lower Mississippi Valley: 1948-1997 - Stephen Williams
  • A Nashville Style Shell Gorget from the Jarman Farm Site, Williamson County, Tennessee - Michael C. Moore

Volume 2, Issue 2 [Publication Date of November 7, 2006]

Complete Issue in Medium Print Quality (4.5 Mb PDF): Volume 2, Issue 2.

Contents - Volume 2, Issue 2

  • Editors Corner
  • The Archaeology of Linville Cave (40SL24), Sullivan County, Tennessee - Jay D. Franklin and S.D. Dean
  • Archaeological Investigations on Ropers Knob: A Fortified Civil War Site in Williamson County, Tennessee - Benjamin C. Nance
  • Deep Testing Methods in Alluvial Environments: Cor Nolichucky River - Sarah C. Sherwood and James J. Kocis
  • A Preliminary Analysis of Clovis through Early Archaic Components at the Widemeier Site (40DV9), Davidson County, Tennessee - John Broster, Mark Norton, Bobby Hulan, and Ellis Durham

Volume 3, Issue 1 [Publication Date of May 8, 2008]

Complete Issue in Medium Print Quality (10,6 Mb PDF): Volume 3, Issue 1.

Contents - Volume 3, Issue 1

  • Editors Corner
  • Evidence for Early Mississippian Settlement of the Nashville Basin: Archaeological Explorations at the Spencer Site (40DV191) - W. Steven Spears, Michael C. Moore, and Kevin E. Smith
  • A Surface Collection from the Kirk Point Site (40HS174), Humphreys County, Tennessee - Charles H. McNutt, John B. Broster, and Mark R. Norton
  • Two Mississippian Burial Clusters at Travellers’ Rest, Davidson County, Tennessee - Daniel Sumner Allen IV
  • Luminescence Dates and Woodland Ceramics from Rock Shelters on the Upper Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee - Jay D. Franklin

Volume 3, Issue 2 [Publication Date of December 15, 2008]

Complete Issue in Medium Print Quality (6 Mb PDF): Volume 3, Issue 2.

Contents - Volume 3, Issue 2

  • Editors Corner
  • Brickmaking as a Local Industry in Antebellum Kentucky and Tennessee - Tanya M. Peres and Jessica B. Connatser
  • Obsidian Research in Tennessee and Alabama - Mark R. Norton
  • An Analysis of Obsidian and Other Archaeological Materials from the Southeast Portion of Neelys Bend on the Cumberland River, Davidson County, Tennessee - Bobby R. Braly and Jeremy L. Sweat
  • Evidence of Prehistoric Violent Trauma from a Cave in Middle Tennessee - Shannon C. Hodge and Hugh E. Berryman
  • New Finds of Paleoindian and Early Archaic Sites along Sulphur Fork in Montgomery County, Tennessee - Aaron Deter-Wolf and John B. Broster
  • The Cumberland Stone-Box Burials of Middle Tennessee - John T. Dowd
  • The Nelson Site: A Late Middle Woodland Habitation Locale on the Nolichucky River, Washington County, Tennessee - Jay D. Franklin, Michelle L. Hammett, and Renee B. Walker
  • Recent Research at the Ames Mound Complex, an Early Mississippian Site in Southwest Tennessee - Andrew M. Mickelson

Volume 4, Issues 1-2 [Publication Date of October 6, 2009]

Complete Issue in Medium Print Quality (7.5 Mb PDF): Volume 4, Issues 1-2.

Contents - Volume 4, Issues 1-2

  • Editors Corner
  • Guest Editor Introduction: Colleague, Mentor, and Friend: Essays in Honor of Charles H. Faulkner - Timothy E. Baumann and Mark D. Groover
  • Sifting through the Backdirt: An Interview with Charles H. Faulkner - Timothy E. Baumann and Charles H. Faulkner
  • Understanding Historic Farmstead Continuity and Change Using Human Behavioral Ecology - Todd M. Ahlman
  • Camps Tolerably Well Policed: Artifact Patterns and Feature Function at the Florence Stockade - Paul G. Avery
  • The Web of Cultural Identity: A Case Study of African-American Identity and "Soul Food" - Timothy E. Baumann
  • Early Archaic Raw Material Use Patterns in Tennessee - Andrew P. Bradbury and Philip J. Carr
  • Social Change and Neighborhood Transformations in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries: The Urban Archaeology of Three Communities in the Ohio Valley - Tanya A. Faberson and Jennifer L. Barber
  • Archaeological Explorations of the Worshop Rock Shelter, Upper Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee - Jay Franklin and Sierra Bow
  • Exploring Hoosier Material Culture: Landscape and Architectural Archaeology at the Moore-Youse House and Huddleston Farmstead - Mark D. Groover
  • Preliminary Efforts toward a Cultural Resource Survey of the Charcoal-based Iron Industry in East Tennessee, ca. 1770-1890 - C. Alan Longmire
  • New Cave and Rock Art Sites in Tennessee: 2007 - Jan F. Simek, Sarah A. Blankenship, Nicholas P. Herrmann, Sarah C. Sherwood, and Alan Cressler
  • Buffalo Rock (11JS49): A Historic Period Native American Rock Art Site in Johnson County, Illinois - Mark J. Wagner, Mary R. McCorvie, and Charles A. Swedlund
  • Cradle of the Middle Class?: Ceramic and Architectural Analysis of Two Southeastern Urban Households - Amy L. Young

Volume 5, Issue 1 [Publication Date of September 10, 2010]

Complete issue in Medium Print Quality [5.03 Mb PDF]: Volume 5, Issue 1.

Contents - Volume 5, Issue 1

  • Editor's Corner
  • A Summary of Exploratory and Salvage Archaeological Investigations at the Brick Churck Pike Mound Site (40DV39), Davidson County, Tennessee - Gary Barker and Carl Kuttruff
  • New Perspectives on Late Woodland Architecture and Settlement in Eastern Tennessee: Evidence from the DeArmond Site (40RE12) - Lynne P. Sullivan and Shannon D. Koerner
  • X-Ray Fluorescence of a Mississippian Greenstone Celt Cache from Giles County, Tennessee - C. Andrew Buchner
  • The Nashville Smilodon: An Account of the 1971 First American Center Site Investigations in Davidson County, Tennessee - John T. Dowd
  • Descriptions of Five Dover Chert Quarries in Stewart County, Tennessee - Ryan Parish
  • Zooarchaeological Remains from the 1998 Fewkes Site Excavations, Williamson County, Tennessee - Tanya M. Peres

Volume 5, Issue 2 [Publication Date of December 12, 2011]

Complete Issue in Medium Print Quality (4.92 Mb PDF): Volume 5, Issue 2

Contents - Volume 5, Issue 2

Errata. After publication of this issue, a typographic error on the contents page in one author name was brought to our attention. The first author of the article beginning on page 157 was listed as "ANDREW M. MICHELSON" -- that should read "ANDREW M. MICKELSON." Our apologies to Dr. Mickelson for this oversight.

  • Editors Corner
  • Pests in the Garden: Testing the Garden-Hunting Model at the Rutherford-Kizer Site, Sumner County, Tennessee - Jennifer M. Clinton and Tanya M. Peres
  • Excavations and Dating of Late Pleistocene and Paleoindian Deposits at the Coats-Hones Site, Williamson County, Tennessee - Aaron Deter-Wolf, Jesse W. Tune, and John B. Broster
  • The Ames Site (40FY7): A Very Unobtrusive Mississippian Settlement Located in Southwestern Tennessee - Andrew M. Mickelson and Eric Goddard
  • Recovery and Reburial of the Remains of an Unknown Civil War Soldier, Franklin, Tennessee - Samuel D. Smith and Larry R. McKee

Volume 6, Issues 1-2 [REVISED Publication Date of August 14, 2012]

Publishers Note: This volume was originally issued on August 13, 2012 with significant pagination errors that affected future citation of the majority of articles. To maintain standards of publishing integrity, under our current guidelines we do not normally modify issues after they are e-published for typographical errors or other minor changes -- these are dealt with through errata notes. However, since the error in this volume significantly affected future citation of several articles and was noted within 24 hours of original publication, we have retracted the 8/13/2012 e-publication and replaced it with the current version. If you downloaded the file "Volume6Issues1and2.pdf" prior to August 15, we ask that you delete that file and download the revised file "Volume6Issues1and2R.pdf" via the new link below. Our apologies to the authors and readers of the journal for this oversight.

Complete Issue in Medium Print Quality (9.4 Mb PDF): Volume 6, Issues 1-2.

Contents - Volume 6, Issues 1-2

  • Editors Corner
  • Recent Research in the Middle Cumberland River Valley: Introduction to the Special Volume - Aaron Deter-Wolf and Tanya M. Peres
  • A Flood of Looters: Endangered Mississippian Resources along the Middle Cumberland River - Danny Gregory
  • A Preliminary Report on the Sanders #1 Site (40CH193), Cheatham County, Tennessee - D. Shane Miller, John B. Broster, Gary L. Barker, David G. Anderson, and Stephen B. Carmody
  • Zooarchaeological Analysis of a Multicomponent Shell-Bearing Site in Davidson County, Tennessee - Tanya M. Peres, Aaron Deter-Wolf, and Gage A. Myers
  • Radiocarbon Dates from Three Sites along the Middle Cumberland River near Nashville - D. Shane Miller, David G. Anderson, Thaddeus G. Bissett, and Stephen B. Carmody
  • The Harpeth Shoals Marina Site (40CH195): A Terminal Archaic Fire-Cracked Rock Complex on the Cumberland River, Cheatham County, Tennessee - Marc E. Wampler and Larry McKee
  • Cockrills Bend Site 17C: A Reprint from the SIAS Journal 1972 - John T. Dowd and John B. Broster
  • Changing Interpretations of Sandbar Village (40DV36): Mississippian Hamlet, Village or Mound Center? - Kevin E. Smith and Michael C. Moore
  • Skeletal Evidence of Aquatic Activities from the Middle Cumberland Mississippian Site in Davidson County, Tennessee - Courtney L. Cox
  • Mississippian Ceramics and Settlement Complexity: Insights from the Beasley Mounds (40SM43), Smith County, Tennessee - Emily L. Beahm and Kevin E. Smith
  • Discovery and Early Investigations of the Dover Quarries by Parmenio E. Cox and Warren K. Moorehead, 1926-1932 - Kevin E. Smith

Volume 7, Issue 1 [Published November 18, 2013]

Complete Issue in Medium Print Quality (4.0 Mb PDF): Volume 7, Issue 1.

Contents - Volume 7, Issue 1

  • Editors Corner
  • Subadult Health and Mortality at Gordontown: The Possible Effects of Weaning and Agriculture - Kellum K. Everett
  • Linville Cave (40SL24) Revisited: Multiple Lines of Evidence of Address Assemblage Formation - Meagan E. Dennison, Jay D. Franklin, Maureen A. Hays, and S.D. Dean
  • Tennessee's Ancient Pygmy Graveyards: The "Wonder of the Western Country" - Kevin E. Smith
  • X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Two Metal Beads from the David Davis Farm Site (40HA301), Hamilton County, Tennessee - Sarah A. Blankenship, Bruce Kaiser, and Michael C. Moore
  • Negative Painted Plates and Bowls from the Middle Cumberland Region of Tennessee - Emily L. Beahm and Kevin E. Smith

Volume 7, Issue 2 [Published February 14, 2015]

Complete Issue in Medium Print Quality (10.0 Mb PDF): Volume 7, Issue 2.

Contents - Volume 7, Issue 2

  • Editors Corner
  • 'No Terms But Unconditional Surrender': Archaeological and Geophysical Assessment of the Fort Donelson Confederate Monument Landscape, Stewart County, Tennessee - Shawn M. Patch, Christopher T. Espenshade, Sarah Lowry, and Patrick Severts
  • Thomas M.N. Lewis: The Making of a New Deal Era Tennessee Valley Archaeologist - Marlin F. Hawley and David H. Dye
  • Qualls Cave (40RB2): A Multi-Component Site Overlooking the Red River, Robertson County, Tennessee - John T. Dowd

Volume 8, Issues 1-2 [Published July 7, 2016]

Complete Issue in Medium Print Quality (9.0 Mb PDF): Volume 8, Issues 1-2.

Contents - Volume 8, Issues 1-2

  • Editors Corner
  • The Old Man and the Pleistocene: John Broster and Paleoindian Period Archaeology in the Mid-South – Introduction to the Special Volume - D. Shane Miller and Jesse W. Tune
  • A Retrospective Peek at the Career of John Bertram Broster - Michael C. Moore, Kevin E. Smith, Aaron Deter-Wolf, and David E. Stuart
  • The Paleoindian and Early Archaic Record in Tennessee: A Review of the Tennessee Fluted Point Survey - Jesse W. Tune
  • Quantifying Regional Variation in Terminal Pleistocene Assemblages from the Lower Tennessee River Valley Using Chert Sourcing - Ryan M. Parish and Adam Finn
  • A Preliminary Report on the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Archaeology of Rock Creek Mortar Shelter, Upper Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee - Jay Franklin, Maureen Hays, Frédéric Surmely, Ilaria Patania, Lucinda Langston, and Travis Bow
  • Colonization after Clovis: Using the Ideal Free Distribution to Interpret the Distribution of Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Archaeological Sites in the Duck River Valley, Tennessee - D. Shane Miller and Stephen B. Carmody
  • The Paleoindian and Early Archaic Hilltop Occupations at the Topper Site - Derek T. Anderson, Ashley M. Smallwood, Albert C. Goodyear, and Sarah E. Walters
  • Clovis Blade Technology and Tool Use along the South Atlantic Coastal Plain and Piedmont of the Lower Southeast - Douglas Sain and Albert C. Goodyear
  • Making a Difference: John B. Broster and Paleoindian Archaeology in Tennessee - David G. Anderson

Contents - Volume 9, Issue 1

  • Editors Corner
  • Palynological and Chemical Analyses of Prehistoric Pipe Residues as Evidence of Tobacco Use in Tennessee - Stephen B. Carmody, Maria A. Caffrey, Belinda S. Lady, and Sally P. Horn
  • The Kelley's Battery Site (40DV392): Archaeological Investigations at a Middle Cumberland Mississippian Village - J. Scott Jones
  • New Cave and Rock Art Research 2015 - Jan Simek, Alan Cressler, Sarah C. Sherwood, Kristen Bobo, Sierra M. Bow, Joseph Douglas, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Reynolds
  • Nancy Lewis Ladd (1926-2015): In Memoriam - Marlin F. Hawley and David H. Dye

Contents - Volume 9, Issue 2

  • Editors Corner.
  • Introduction to the Special Issue.
  • Interpretation of the Structure and Variation of Middle Cumberland Mississippian Stone-Box Cemeteries
  • Return to the Great Mound Group: 2016 Investigations at Mound Bottom State Archaeological Area.
  • A Preliminary Assessment of Mississippian Settlement in the Little Harpeth River Watershed: The Inglehame Farm Site (40WM342) Revisited
  • The Copper Creek Site (40SU317): A Multicomponent Mortuary Site in Goodlettsville, Sumner County, Tennessee
  • Relationships and Trauma: Lived Perspectives at Averbuch
  • Middle Cumberland Mississippian Archaeology: Past, Present, and Future Directions
  • Five New Prehistoric Cave Art Sites in Tennessee 2005

Contents – Volume 10, Issue 1

  • Editors Corner.
  • Our Lady of the Cumberland: Styles, Distribution, and Community
  • Plants and Ritual: The Botanical Assemblage from the Middle Woodland Components at the Yearwood Site (40LN16), Lincoln County, Tennessee
  • Prehistoric Rock Art Research in Tennessee 2008

Volume 11, Issue 1 is in preparation.

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