American Women's History: A Research Guide
Violence Against Women
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Bibliographies & Indexes to Research Literature

Blaschke, Stefan. History of Rape: A Bibliography [online]. 2000- [cited 6 March 2001]. Available from:

Violence & Abuse Abstracts. Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage Publications, 1995- . Updated quarterly. Also available online.
Overview from the publisher.

Government Information Sources

See the general Government Documents section for finding additional information sources.

Huls, Mary Ellen. "Violence Against Women." In United States Documents on Women, 1800-1990: A Comprehensive Bibliography. Vol. 1. Social Issues. Bibliographies and Indexes in Women's Studies, no. 17. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1993.

Violence Against Women Office, U.S. Department of Justice []

Encyclopedias & Historical Overviews

Nadelhaft, Jerome J. "Domestic Violence." In Encyclopedia of American Social History. Vol. 3. Edited by Mary Kupiec Cayton, Elliott J. Gorn, and Peter W. Williams. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1993.


Violence Against Women []

Primary Sources: Archival Collections

The Maine Feminist Oral History Project [online]. Orono: Women in the Curriculum and Women's Studies Program, University of Maine, n.d. [cited 15 July 2001]. Available from:
FOHP has focused its attention on the history of the Spruce Run Association, an organization created in 1972 by battered women. The site includes excerpts from the oral histories of key figures in the early years of Spruce Run.

Selected Subject List for Iowa Women's Archives [online]. Iowa City: Iowa Women's Archives, University of Iowa Libraries, January 1997 [cited 14 June 2000]. Available from: See "Domestic violence," "Rape laws," and "Spousal abuse/spousal legislation."

Primary Sources: Digital Collections

Dublin, Thomas, and Kathryn Kish Sklar. Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1830-1930 [online]. 1997- [cited 4 May 2001]. Available from:
This collection of primary source documents is organized around numerous topical areas. Each editorial project also includes an introduction and an annotated bibliography. The following section includes material about violence against women:

Marriage, Women, and the Law [Mountain View, Calif.]: Research Libraries Group, 1996-1998. Available from:
This site provides access to various types of primary sources (statutes, case reports, diaries & letters) that support research on such topics as marriage, divorce, adultery, birth control, miscegenation, polygamy, prostitution, and violence against women.
The database does not include subject headings. Try a keyword search for such terms as assault, murder or rape.

Primary Sources: Statistics

See the general Statistical Sources section for additional information sources.

Dobrin, Adam, and others. Statistical Handbook on Violence in America. Phoenix, Ariz.: Oryx Press, 1996. 394p.

American Women's History: A Research Guide

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